Common Terms in Election. (vocabularies)

Right now, during the campaign period and coming election, there are many terms refer to elections you will hear in the newspaper, TV, and radio.
The following are the words :
@ Apathy
Lack of interest and concern
@ Ballot
printed form of other item used in voting
@ Ballot box
container for cast votes
@ Campaign
activities designed to influence voters in election
@ Candidates
person who seeks or is put forward by others for a political office
@ Caucus
closed meeting of party members to determine nominations
@ Citizen
person who was born in or choose to live in and become a member of a country
@ Consensus
a general agreement
@ Constituency
all the voters of particular electoral distric
@ Convention
a meeting with all members of a party to nominate a candidate to run for president
@ Democracy
a state where the people of that state choose their leaders by votting
@ Elect
to choose by voting
@ Election campaign
all the party or candidate activities designed to attract votes
@ Electorate
those eligible to vote
@ Government
the group of people in charge of managing a country, state or city.
@ Incumbent
a person currently holding office
@ Independent voters
voters who do not belong to any political party
@ Issues
problems and ideas to be talked about, questioned, decided upon and voted on
@ Party
an organization with set of stated values or ideas - platform - which supports candidates for office
@ Party boss
a leader with a base of power within a political party
@ Platform
statement of the principles or beliefs of a political group
@ Tally
the vote count
@ Vote
a method by which people choose their leaders and decide public issues
@ Voting booth
an enclosure designed to make sure a voter's choice is secret
@ Voting roster
an alphabetical list of people eligible to vote
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