Common Ways To Improve Reading Speed

@ Try books with large font to start. A book with small letters might be hard at first because it is easy to skip lines by mistake. (Bacalah huruf dengan ukuran besar)

@ Start by reading a book or article that you have already read. It will be easier to skip words and keep up a smooth flow if you're familiar with the material. (Mulai baca dari buku yang pernah anda baca)

@ When using your hand or finger to guide your eyes, start slowly, but at a challenging pace. Even if you don't think you're keeping up with your hand, keep going for a page or two and then test your comprehension. (Bila menggunakan jari untuk membantu mata, maka mulailah dengan perlahan).

@ With practice, you'll be able to move your hand and read faster that way. (Latihan terus)

@ Take frequent breaks. Your comprehension and focus will be better if you take a five-minute break every hour or half-hour. Taking breaks is also important to keep your eyes healthy and avoid eye strain. (Istirahat bila lelah)

@ You may not want to read some things quickly, even if you can. Fiction for example, is usually relatively easy to read quickly, but you can miss out on a lot of the nuance and beauty of the fiction writer's craft, even if you understand everything that's going on in a story. The same is doubly true for poetry. If you're reading for enjoyment, it may be best to savor the words.
An index card, bookmark, or other page-width item might help increase speed more than a finger. By obscuring surrounding text, a card prevents your eyes from wandering. (Bacalah dengan senang hati)

@ Read every day at least 10 minutes. (Baca paling sedikit 10 menit tiap hari)