How To Make Passive Voice with verb ''visit''

''visit'' is REGULAR verb.
visit / visited / visited

@ Present Tense
The festival is visited by many people from Jakarta and its sorrounding.

@ Past Tense
Last year's festival was visited by the minister of Finance of Republic Kongo.

@ Present Continous Tense
The festival is being visited by The President of The Repulic Kongo.

@ Past Continous Tense
The festival was being visited by many people when the electricity off.

@ Future Tense
The festival will be visited by The Queen of England.

@ Past Future Tense
The festival would be visited by UN Secretary when there was an information about bomb.

@ Present Perfect Tense
The festival has been visited by many students around the world.

@ Past Perfect Tense
The festival had been visited by the Very Importan guess when there was a gun attack.