Our Brain's simple principle. (Reading)

Are you trying to learn something new like English or other things?
There is a very simple rule and it works :''use it!''
Therefore, if you are trying to memorize or learning something new you can make your brain always close to the object you are learning. One of the thing you can do is :''Make your own flashcards and use every bit of spare time to read and study it.'' You can do this anytime and anywhere, such as while you are waiting for the bus, waiting for an elevator, etc.
Never worried that your brain is full. Our brain is a giga super computer and the speed of our brain is very extraordinary, for example, you can close your eyes, and some people who close to you call your name at the same time, trust me, ''you wll be able to differentiate the owner of each voice''.
The basic principle of our brain is ''the more you use it, the better it is''.
What you think?
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