Writing Vs Speaking

My high school student said, ''Sir, why it is very easy to say something than write something''. ''In writing, I must be careful with my language and sometime I had to read many times before I passed my writing to the teacher''
What my student told me is very common among the students. Some students are good at speaking, but when they have to write, they will be sweaty and will be nervous.
What is wrong with writing?
The main problem is : In written language he or she has to be much cleaner in expressing her or his ideas and the writer isn't always there to explain.
So what should they do to solve the problem?
It is very good if the students do the following :
1. For whom is the writing?
2. Get the point about what they are going to say.
3. Put they themselves as the reader and consider wether they understand their own writing or not.
4. Keep on doing. Find the best time to write.
What do you think?
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