WHAT TO SAY when talking about days and dates

- What day is it today?
(Hari apa sekarang?)

- What date is today?
(Tanggal berapa sekarang?)

- What day is tomorrow?
(Besok hari apa?)

- What day was yesterday?
(Kemarin hari apa?)

- What day is the day after tomorrow?
(Besok lusa hari apa?)

- What day was the day before yesterday?
(Kemarin lusa hari apa?)

- It's Monday now.
(Sekarang hari Senin)

- It's January 5th, 2009 now.
(Sekarang tanggal 5 Januari, 2009)

- Today is Tuesday.
(Sekarang hari Selasa)

- Tomorrow is Wednesday.
(Besok hari Rabu)

- Yesterday was Monday.
(Kemarin hari Senin).