HOW TO MAKE Questions.

There are two kinds of questions in English.
1. Yes / No questions.
2. WH questions

1. Yes/No Questions.

This type of questions are only expecting the answer is Yes or No only. It's not necessary to answer with long answer. The following are the samples of the sentences:

- Do you like noodles?
- Yes, I do. OR
- No, I don't.

- Did they spend their holiday in Bandung?
- Yes, they did. OR
- No, they didn't.

- Does she go to Medan every year?
- Yes, she does. OR
- No, she doesn't.

- Will we go to the theatre?
- Yes, we will. OR
- No, we won't

- Shall we start the meeting?
- Yes, we wìll. OR
- No, we won't.

- Can I borrow your ruller please?
- Yes, you can. OR
- No, you can't

- May We come to your house?
- Yes, You may.
- No, You may not.

YES/NO questìons are usually started with:
- Do
- Does
- Did
- Will
- Would
- Has
- Have
- Had
- Can
- Could
- May
- Are
- Is
- Was
- Were


What, why, when, where, who and how.

- What is your name?
- Where do you live?
- When did you live there?
- Who are your friends?
- How did you live there.

WH questions need long answer, can not be answered by 'yes or no' only.

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