HOW TO USE Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense is used to inform the activity / ies which is / are completely done. Time statement ìs not important and do not mention the tìme. If time is mentioned it becomes Past Tense.
@ Pattern.

@ Possive Sentences.
- I have finìshed my homework.
- You have fìnìshed your homework.
- We have finished our homework.
- They have finished their homework.
- He has finished hìs homework.
- She has finished her homework.

@ Negatìve Sentences
- I have not finished my homework.
- You have not finished your homework.
- We have not finished our homework.
- He has not finished his homework.
- She has not fìnìshed her homework.
Have not = haven't
Has not = hasn't

@ Passive Voìce
The pen has been returned.
The pens have been found.

@ Interrogative / (Yes/No questions)
- Has she come?
Yes, She has OR
No, She hasn't.
- Have you receìved my emaìl?
Yes. I have OR
No, I haven't
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