HOW TO use Simple Past Tense

The uses of Simple Past Tense :

1. To express about past time, something which happened in the past.


Subject + V2 + Object

- I went to office yesterday.
- You went to office yesteray.
- We went to office yesterday.
- They went to office yesterday.
- He went to office yesterday.
- She went to office yesterday
- Adi went to office yesterday.
- Adi and Ali went to office yesterday.

Please see the form of the verb. The verb is in "PAST TENSE"

go / went / gone
bring / brought / brought
spend / spent / spent
play / played /played
sing / sang / sung
come /came / come
drink / brank / drunk
write / wrote / written
read / read / read

for further detail about the form of the verbs please find Irregular Verbs List.

More Sentences Examples.

Habit :
1. Arman read a book last night.
2. Anita spent her last holiday at home.
3. Winda came to the office this morning.
4. The book seller sold thousands book to the students last year.
2. My father bought a new house last year.
3. Barcelona won the final competition last week.

Above are the samples by the presence of VERBS. The following are the samples without VERBS.

1. I was happy yesterday.
2. You were 100 kgs last year.
3. We were the students of the school ten years ago.
4. They were my friends.
5. She was beautiful when she was young.