Bank Soal - Question Tag (2)

Guest : There is vacant room,.....?
Receptionist : Single room only, Madam.
Guest : That's okay. I'll take it.
A. isn't there
B. aren't there
C. is there
D. are there

Wida : Nuni's gone to German since 2005,.....?
Nana : I don't know about that.
A. has she
B. is she
C. hasn't she
D. isn't she

To be a star Donita has to work hard, .....?
A. hasn't she
B. doesn't she
C. has she
D. does she

Tina : You've had your breakfast,.....?
Toni : Yes, I have
A. haven't you
B. don't you
C. hadn't you
D. didn't you

They were studying here all day yesterday,....?
A. aren't they
B. weren't they
C. wasn't they
D. haven't they