grammar smp : test

Question 1.
X: ..... does he come here?
Y: He comes here on foot.
A. How
B. Why
C. What
D. When
Question 2
..........? A book
a. Have you bought a book already?
b. What have you already bought?
c. Where have you already bought a book?
d. When have you already bought a book?
Question 3
A. ........ is your mother?
B. She is fine, thanks.
A. Who
B. Why
C. How
D. What
Question 4
x : ...... did you come here?
y : Because I wanted to study.
A. When
B. Where
C. What
D. Why
Question 5
X. : ..... is looking for?
Y : Tetra
a. Whose
b. Whom
c. Which
d. How many