Soal Ebtanas English SMA 1993

Wacana 1


Radiation pollution can cause the death of many
people. We can get information from paragraph ...

There  many  kinds  of  pollution.  They  can  be grouped into several major classifications, of which we mentio here;   water   pollution,   air   pollution noise pollution and radiation pollution.
Air pollution is caused by car engines and by big factories  with  large  chimneys  through  which  dirty  air escapes.
Land pollution can be caused by waste or rubbish such  as  paper,  bottles,  alumunium,  scraps,  junk,  etc. Because    of    our    carelessness    and    laziness,    our surrounding   are   very   dirty They   are   filled   with household  as  well  factory  waste.  Some  waste  can  be broken  down  by  natural  organisms  such  as  bacteria. Rubbish like this is called organic waste. On the other hand, rubbish which cannot be broken down by natural organisms  is  called  in  organic  waste.  This  is  more difficult  to  dispose  of  and  it  makes  the  surroundings very unpleasant to look at.
Noise  pollution  can  be  caused  by  several  thins; loud    music    through    loudspeakers,    the    noise    of motorized vehicles such as trucks, buses, motorcycles,
and  also  aircraft.  Loud  noise  may  caused  deafness.  It
can affect the heart and cause nervous strain.
Radiation  pollution  can  kill  many  people  in  one moment. It is caused by uranium and other radioactive. The  testing of  atomic  weapons  is  feared  by  people  in
general because atomic weapon are radioactive. These
are a few example of the different kinds of pollution in our lives.

Rubbish such as bottles, paper, plastic etc may cause ... pollution.
A.   air
B.   noise C.   land D.   water
E.   radiation

Why is loud noise dangerous to our ears? A.   It was cause deafness
B.   It makes us feel nervous
C.   It can cause annoyance
D.   It can make us feel upset
E.   It may disturb our concentration

A.   one B.   two C.   three D.   four E.   five

Which of these statements is true according to the text? A.   Loud noise is harmless to our ears.
B.   Rubbish or waste can cause air pollution.
C.   Factories and cars can cause land pollution.
D.   Natural organism can break down some waste.
E.   People are in favour of testing or atomic weapon.

This is more difficult to dispose of ... (paragraph 3).
"Dispose of means to ... A.   keep out
B.   carry out
C.   get rid of
D.   arrange for
E.   finalize with

Wacana 2

The air we breathe contains the gases oxygen and nitrogen, and small quantities of other gases. Every gas consists of molecules of a particular substance, moving rafidly  about.  The  molecules  are  comparatively  far apart, but they fill evenly any vessel containing them. All gases can be changed to liquids, and some even to solids, if they are cooled down enough.
The  oxygen  used  in  factories  for  making  a  very hot flame to cut and weld steel is sometimes stored and carried   about   in   the  liqui state   and  solid   carbon dioxide, usually called dry ice, is used for keeping ice- cream cold.
The kinds of gases used in cookers and gas fires come  from  three  sources.  The  first  kind  is  made3  of naptha,  which  is  a  light  oil;  the  second  is  made  from
coal;  while  the  third,  natural  gas,  is  almost  entirely
Geologists believe that natural gas was produced iron carboniferous, or coal-bearing rocks. The gas rose into the rock holes in the sandstone, and was prevented
from escaping upwards out of the sandstone by a "cap"
rock-usually a from of rock salt-which formed a dome over the natural reservoir of gas.

In  Jakarta  and  other  big  cities  in  Indonesia  it  is common  practice  to use gas for  cooking. Gas  reaches the houses through large underground pipes called gas mains;  and  smaller  pipes  called  service  pipes  lead  to the  gas  meters  in  each  hose  or  building.  The  meter records how much gas is used.
Natural   an gas   and   gas   from   oi has   no distinctive smell, so an artificial smell is produced by adding  small  quantities  of  concentrated  a  do  rants,  to enable people to detect any leak that may occur.
Pertamina  sells  bottled  gas  under  the  name  of
The gas is put in steel drums or cylinders. Bottled gas is used by people who live places without a piped supply, by yachtsmen and campers. Indonesia's role in LNG production  started  in 1977 with  the  initiation  of the  LNG  facility  at  Bontang.  About  a  year  later  the plant at Arun also started production and exportation.

People, especially those who in big cities, commonly use ... for cooking.
A.   oil
B.   gas
C.   coal
D.   naphta
E.   oxygen

People who want to cook about usually use bottle gas. This information is found in paragraph ...
A.   2
B.   3
C.   4
D.   5
E.   6

Which of the following statement is true according to the text?
A.   Carboniferous doesn't produce natural gas. B.   Air only contains oxygen and nitrogen.
C.   All gases become liquids when they are cooled
down enough.
D.   Dry ice can't be used for keeping ice cream cold. E.   It's not dangerous to use gas without distinctive

Paragraph... is about-the kinds of gas that people use for doing something
A.   1
B.   2
C.   3
D.   4
E.   5

… to enable people to detect any leak  (paragraph 5) "Detect" means ...
A.   turn off
B.   look for C.   find out D.   look at
E.   decide on

Wacana 3

In 1894, when Albert Einstein was 15, his father lost  money  and  could  not  support  him  any  longer. Other   boy woul have   left   school   and   stopped studying. Not Albert. He left school for sometime, but he   later   managed   to   go   to    better   school,   the Polytechnic in Zurich, Switzerland.
On leaving the Institute he discovered that no one would offer him the kind of job he wanted. At last he found  a  suitable  one  at  the  patent  office  in  Berne.
Einstein's  task  at  the  paten  office  was  to  make  an
investigation of the new products sent to his office. The job  did  not  require  much  of  Einstein's  new  products sent  to  his  office.  The  job  did  not  require  much  of Einstein's  time,  so  he  was  able  to  write  scientific articles.  He  published  these  in  1905.  Scientists  were surprised by what he had written. They were even more surprised  when  they  knew  that  these  articles,  when could have been written by a university professor, were actually written by an official at a patent office.
Investigations were made and it was decided that the official should be taken from the patent office and given a more suitable job. A few years later, Einstein became a professor at the University of Zurich. In 1911 h taugh in   Prague,   and   later   at   th Polytechnic Institute in Switzerland, where he had been a student. Then he was requested to move to Berlin.
Einstein stayed in Berlin for 20 years, from 1913 to 1933. During that period he worked on his famous Theory  of  Relativity.  He  gave  a  simple  example,  in
simple  language,  to  explain  the  idea  of  relativity.  A
man riding on a train drops a stone out of the window. To the man on the train, it seems that the stone follows
a straight path as it drops. However, to a man outside the train, the part of the stone does not seem straight; it looks  like  a  parabola.  The  theory;  expands  those  of
Newton  an  Galileo,  which  are  correct;  only  under
certain conditions.
Einstein made very important contributions in the field; of physics. The Nobel Prize that he won in 1912 at the a of 42 was no surprise to the scientific world. No  scientist  beat  him  his  field.  What  beat  him  was time.  He  died  in:   Princeton  in  the  U.S.A  in  1955. People believed that he was j the century's greatest man of science.

Why did Albert Einstein leave school? A.   He found it difficult to find a job.
B.   He went to a batter school in Zurich.
C.   He was offered to work at a patent office.
D.   Other boys left school and stopped studying. E.   His parent could not finance his education.

Which statement is correct according to the text?
A.   Einstein wasn't at his office because he was being interrogated.
B.   Einstein wasn't a professor when he published the surprising articles in 1905.
C.   After leaving school for some time Einstein worked at the patent office.
D.   The scientist were surprised that the articles they/I
read was written by a university professor.
E.   Because his job at the patent office didn't require much of his time, he wrote the Theory of Relativity,]

Albert  Einstein  was  able  to  write  scientific  articles;;
that surprised scientist. You can get this information-'
from paragraph ... A.   1
B.   2
C.   3
D.   4
E.   5

They were even more surprise.... (paragraph 2)
The word "they" refers to ... A.   articles
B.   products
C.   scientist
D.   the new products
E.   Scientific articles

..., his father lost money.... (paragraph 1)
The word "lost" in the sentence above means ... A.   no longer had
B.   couldn't get
C.   used unwisely D.   had just enough E.   failed to obtain

Wacana 4

A volcano is a mountain surrounding an opening in the earth's crust. Steam, gases, lava, ashes, and other material  are  forced  out  almost  continuously  from  an active volcano. A dormant volcano, on the other hand, erupts at long intervals. In an extinct volcano, the crater has long been closed up with cold, solid lava.
Out  earth  was  a  sphere  of  gases  which  slowly cooled  off  from  the  outside,  forming  a  thin  crust  of clod,  solid  materials,  containing  hot  liquid,  magma,
and  gases.  It  was  the  very  high  pressure  of  the  gases

forcing  the  magma  through  weak  parts  in  the  earth's crust that formed volcanoes.
Most  of  our  volcanoes  are  in  Java.  The  most active one is Mount Merapi at the north of Yogya. The northern  I-part  of  the  crater  has  a  high  wall,  so  in
eruptions  the  lava  r  flows  in  every  direction.  The  hot
lava slowly cools off into what is called 'lahar'.
In  the  rainy  season,  when  the  cool  "lahar"  on Merapi's slopes is hit by rain it flows down the slopes with great force, destroying everything in its path. The flow  of  "lahar"  mixed  with  rocks  fills  up  the  rivers, while sand covers the fields.
The eruptions of sea volcanoes cause high waves, flooding  regions  on  the  coasts.  This  happened  when Krakatau  erupted  in  1833.  The  sound  of  the  eruption was   heard   from  places   as   fa away   as   India   and Australia,   distance   o 3,60 to   4,800   k from Krakatau. Around 18 cubic km of solid materials were thrown  up.  The  skies  above  place  as  far  away  as  the southern   Pacific.   Africa   and   Sout America   were darkened.  30  meter  high  waves  flooded  the  coast  of Java and Lampung, sweeping away villages and 35,000 people.
However,  volcanoes  are  also  a  great  blessing. Volcanoes and mountains force the clouds to rise, and cool  them  off,  causing  them  a  drop  the  water  they contain in the from of rain. The materials thrown up by volcanoes contain minerals needed by plants.
The  higher  regions,  being  cool,  are  good  for coffee,  tea  and  other  plantations.  The  woods  on  the slopes  protect  the  soil  against  erosion,  while  the  soil
acts as a water reservoir giving water to the rivers.

Volcanoes are formed from ... A.   moving lahar
B.   solid materials
C.   earth's crust
D.   hot melted rock
E.   materials thrown up

Why is the northern side of mount Merapi relatively
safe when there is an eruption?
A.   The hot lava slowly cools off.
B.   Mount Merapi lies at the north of Yogya,
C.   In an eruption the lava flows in one direction.
D.   Moun Merapi   lies   outsid th three   rows   of volcanoes.
E.   E There is a high wall at the northern side of the mountain.

There are three kinds of volcanoes according to the
This information is found in paragraph ... A.   1
B.   2
C.   3
D.   4
E.   5

Which of the following statements is true according to the text?
A.   Volcanoes are formed by solid materials.
B.   A volcanoes doesn't have any connection with magma.
C.   Volcanoe have   several   advantages   an disad- vantages.
D.   The northern side of Mount Merapi is covered with
lahar in eruptions.
E.   The  cool  lahar  on  Merapi's  slope  always  remain solid in the rainy season.

In an Extinct volcano, the crater has log been closed up with cold, sold lava. (Paragraph 1) The underlined
word means ...
A.   no longer active
B.   erupting continually
C.   destroying everything
D.   causing many disasters
E.   forcing out many materials

Wacana 5

There is reason for the deepest concern about the plight of Wildlife in our country. Many rare species are threatened  with  extinction  because  of  the  greed  of hunters  game  collections.  Orangutan  are  rarely  found in their natural habitat in the forest of Kalimantan and Sumatra,  but  one  may  find  them  in  zoo  and  private menageries  all  over  the  world.  Ruthless  hunters  kill innocent  elephants  for  their  valuable  ivory  tusks,  or catch  them  alive  to  perform  in  circuses.  Tiger's  hides decorate  walls  and  floors  of  rich  people's  home  in distant countries.
If things are allowed to continue in this way, it is feared  that  very  soon  all  wildlife  will  disappear  from ou forests.   Fortunately the   government   has   now imposed   stric law   on   hunting.   Som areas   are designated   wildlife   reserves   where   hunters   cannot enter.  These  include  Ujungkulon  and  Pangandaran  in West Java, Merubetiri in East Java, and many more in the other islands.
Some time ago our newspapers contained reports of  elephants  which  had  run  amok  in  the  province  of Lampung.  They  had  emerged  from  their  abode  in  the
forest and destroyed crops and houses belonging to the
villagers.  The  people  could  not  understand  why  the beasts had suddenly gone wild. The strange thing was that the animals had not come for food, because having wrought  destruction  they  returned  to  the  forest.  They seemed  to  have  come  only  to  vent  their  anger.  As elephants  are  protected  by  law,  the  people  could  not kill any of them.
The    explanation    for    the    elephants    strange behaviour  is  that  they  felt  their  quiet  life  had  been disturbed  by  the  timber-felling  projects  and  saw-mills
set up deep in the forest.
The animals felt their domain was being narrowed by  man, and so they got angry. Elephants need peace and  quiet  for  their  family  life.  They  also  need  vast

areas of land in which to roam. They live in herds, and each herd likes to have its own territory.
Now  the  government  has  driven  the  elephants back into the forests, away from any village or lumber- mill.  By  shouting  and  shooting  in  the  air  the  people
drove the great beasts to a new abode in the district of
Air  Sugihan.  It  is  hoped  that  they  will  feel  at  home there and can live in peace and quiet.

The elephants were angry because their area was being
... by man. A.   burned
B.   narrowed
C.   disturbed D.   threatened E.   interrupted

The ... paragraph says that all wildlife will be extinct if
our government does not impose strict laws on hunting. A.   first
B.   second
C.   third D.   fourth E.   fifth

Which the following statements is true according to the
A.   Our  government  lets  people  fell  timber  in  the forests.
B.   elephants  emerged  from  their  place  because  they need food.
C.   Oranguta ar not   foun i th forest of
Kalimantan and Sumatra.
D.   The  people  can  kill  elephants  although  they  are protected by law.
E.   Elephants need to live in herds and each herd likes to have its own territory.

..., but one may find them zoos and private menageries
all over the world, (par. 1}
The underlined word refers to ... A.   tigers
B.   species
C.   circuses D.   elephants E.   orangutan

They also need vast areas of land in which to roam, (paragraph 4). The underlined word means ...
A.   wide
B.   large
C.   small
D.   narrow
E.   immense

An  astronaut  must  be  accustomed  to  walking  on  the moon, because the ... gravity is only one sixth to that of
the earth. A.   sun
B.   lunar
C.   solar
D.   space
E.   atmospheric
Bacteria are very small organism that can be seen only through a ...
A.   camera
B.   binocular
C.   telescope
D.   microscope
E.   contact lens

Famine,  harsh  climates,  and  wars  have  been  man's constant enemies. The word 'famine; means an serious
lack of ...
A.   food
B.   clothes
C.   medicine D.   education E.   nutrition

One of the aims of ASEAN is to promote ... peace and
stability in Southeast Asia. A.   global
B.   regional C.   external D.   national
E.   international

The following words are connected with ecology,
except ... A.   tools B.   forest C.   people D.   animals
E.   environment

The sunlight is really an inexhaustible source of energy. The word 'inexhaustible' means ...
A.   that is easy to go
B.   that is hard to obtain
C.   that is able to get lost
D.   that is difficult to exploit
E.   that cannot be used up completely

Which of the following words does not belong to electrical appliances'?
A.   hairdryer
B.   warning pan C.   refrigerator D.   television set
E.   vacuum cleaner

The announcer at the airport asked the passengers for
Singapore  to  board the  aircraft.  The  underlined  word means ...
A.   get in B.   get on C.   get to
D.   get at
E.   get up

The recent development in medicine has brought a decrease in ... rate.
A.   density
B.   poverty C.   rapidity D.   fertility E.   mortality

The sentences:
Susi began to study English in 1986. She is still studying English now.
Could be expressed:
Susi ... English since 1986? A.   studies
B.   is studying
C.   has been studying
D.   will be studying
E.   will have studied

Ari       :  Budi, have you heard that Ruslan is sick? Budi    :  Yes, I have. He for a week.
A.   is hospitalized
B.   was hospitalized
C.   will be hospitalized
D.   has been hospitalized
E.   had been hospitalized

  Mr. Witular is very friendly, isn't he? B   :    Yes, I have. He ... for a week.
A.   Since
B.   Unless
C.   Because D.   Although E.   In spite of

If Rani were not busy at the moment, she would go out with me, said Maria. From Maria's utterance we know
that Rani ... with her. A.   goes
B.   went
C.   would go D.   didn't go E.   doesn't go

The child ate up all the meal we had served. He... very hungry.
A.   will have been
B.   could have been C.   must have been D.   would have been E.   should have been

Bob     :  I won't come to the meeting tomorrow. What about you?
Janet   :  Well, I'm afraid ...
A.   so will I B.   I will too
C.   neither do I D.   I won't either
E.   I don't either

'I wish my sister had mailed my letter yesterday', said
From John's utterance we know that his sister ... it. A.   has mailed
B.   had mailed
C.   would mail
D.   didn't mail
E.   hadn't mailed

Anggi :  Do you prefer playing hockey or playing football?
Janet  :  Well, I'm afraid ...
A.   play
B.   washes
C.   to play
D.   an playing
E.   to be playing

John    :  Your car always looks shiny. Do you wash it yourself?
Paul    :  No, I don't. I always get it ... A.   wash
B.   washes
C.   washed D.   washing E.   to wash

Mother  :  ta, have you had your breakfast.
Ita          :  Not yet, mum.
Father    :  What did your mother ask you, Ita? Ita                :  Oh, she wanted to know whether ... A.   I had my breakfast
B.   I had had my breakfast
C.   You had your breakfast
D.   I have had my breakfast
E.   You had had you breakfast

 :  Can you play tennis?
 :  Certainly.
The underlined expression is used ... A.   to ask about likes
B.   to ask for permission
C.   to ask for information
D.   to ask someone's ability
E.   to ask about possibility

Andy  : Excuse me. May I go home earlier? I have an important business to do.
Mira    :
Whish one of these expressions can be used to complete the dialogue?
A.   Thank you.
B.   Oh, wonderful. C.   By all means
D.   I'll do it for you.
E.   I'm glad to hear that.

Suppose you have some guests at home. As it is very hot, you ask them whether they want you to switch on
the fan. What would you say? A.   May I switch on the fan?
B.   Switch on the fan, please?
C.   Shall I switch on the fan?
D.   It's very hot in here, isn't it?
E.   Why don't you switch on the fan?

It is Friday afternoon. Budi and Santo are getting ready to leave the office.
Budi tells Santo what he is going to do at the weekend. What does Budi say to Santo?
Budi can say to Santo each of the following expression
except ...
A.   I'm not sure where to go.
B.   I plan to go to Taman Safari.
C.   I'm thinking of visiting my uncle.
D.   I'm going to Puncak with my family.
E.   I intend to invite my former classmates to have dinner.

Susan :  Do you think the manager will come soon? Clerk  :  ... He is always punctual.
A.   I doubt it.
B.   Certainly not.
C.   I'm absolutely sure
D.   It depends, you know. E.   I don't think he will.