Soal Ebtanas English SMA 1987

Mr.  Firdaus  said  to  his  man,  "Who  phoned  me  just
The sentence above is the some as ...
A.   Mr. Firdaus wants to know who phoned him.
B.   Mr. Firdaus wanted to know who had phoned him.
C.   Mr. Firdaus wanted to know who phoned him.
D.   Mr. Firdaus asked him man who phoned him.
E.   Mr.  Firdaus  had  asked  his  man  who  had  phoned him.

Arman was not given a present by his parents it means
that ...
A.   Arman didn't give a present to his parents.
B.   Arman gave a presents to his parents.
C.   Arman's parents didn't give him a present.
D.   Arman didn't give them a present.
E.   Arman's parents were not given a present.

 : I am sure I brought my dictionary to school this
morning but I can't find it now. Y  : You ...it in your car, then
A.   will have left
B.   must have left
C.   should have left
D.   ought to have left
E.   would have come

"I'm sorry, I couldn't come to your party last night, but
I wish I ...
A.   couldn't have come
B.   could come
C.   came
D.   have come
E.   E would have come

She prefers singing to dancing. We can also say that ...
A.   she would rather sing than to dance.
B.   she would rather sing than dance.
C.   she likes singing better than dance.
D.   she likes to sing better than dance.
E.   she likes to singing better than to dance.

Reading Text/ Wacana I (no. 6 sampai dengan 9)

When you are riding your bicycle in the street and you  came  to  a  corner,  you  must  watch  the  traffic policeman carefully. He will tell you what you can and cannot do.
When  he  is  holding  up  his  right  arm,  all  traffic must stop. When he is holding his right arm out to his side, the traffic which is coming from in front of him
must stop. When he is raising his arm up and letting it
dow again,   th traffi from   hi right   side   may continue  again.  When  he  is  holding  his  hand  toward you, you must stop. In these and other ways, the traffic policeman help the traffic to move quickly.
Taken from Students Book I, page 67

All the traffic must stop when the police ...
A.   is holding his right arm out to his side.
B.   is  holding  his  right  arm  up  and  letting  it  down again.
C.   is holding his hand toward us.
D.   is holding up his right arm.
E.   is holding his wrist watch carefully.

Why must we watch the traffic policeman carefully?
A.   Because he is holding up his right arm.
B.   Because he is raising his arm.
C.   Because he will tell us what we can and can't do.
D.   Because he is holding his hand toward us.
E.   Because all traffic must stop immediately.

When  a  policeman  is  holding  his  hand  towards  you, what would you do?
A.   You can go on driving.
B.   You have to stop your car immediately.
C.   You turn your car to the right.
D.   You turn your car to the left.
E.   You park your car.

What is the function of the traffic policeman?
A. to bring people to court.
B. to catch a thief.
C. to help you get your driving license.
D. to help drives park their cars.
E. to help the traffic quickly.

Reading Text (Wacana II, nomor 10 sampai dengan

Forest the oldest and most diverse ecosystem, are important for their products. They also keep soil fertile, ensure the supply of constant water under the ground, regulate the climate and prevent floods.
Th leaves   which   hav fallen   to   th ground become some kind of substance. This substance which is called humus is a fertilizer to the soil. Humus holds rain  water  during  the  wet  season,  stores  it  and  then waters the fields in the dry season.
Thus the fields can produce more crops. For years many  people  haven't  been  obeying  the  government's regulations   an have   bee cutting   dow th trees excessively. As a result, thousands of hectares of what used to be good forest lands have become waste. These peopl are   no aware   that   without   forest   nothing prevents the water will wash away the soil to the river.
It  may  cause  floods  which  will  destroy  the  farmland and  villages.  For  all  this  reason,  the  state  Minister  of Development,    Supervision    and    Environment    has
consistently been trying to keep on asking our people
t sto destroyin th fores an conductin the campaign for forest conservation.

The  State  Minister  of  Development  Supervision  and
Environment of Indonesia (in 1987)is ...
A.   Mr. Supardjo Rustam
B.   Mr. Muchtar Kusumaatmaja
C.   Mr. Harmoko
D.   Mr. Emil Salim
E.   Mr. BJ.Habibie

Forest product are ...
A.   food, minerals, and fish
B.   wood, food, and salt
C.   food, oil, and fish
D.   oil, minerals, food, and clothes
E.   Rattan, rubber, log, and resin

... makes the soil good for plants to grow.
A.   climate
B.   humus
C.   crop
D.   mineral
E.   floods

Forest destruction can cause ...
A.   natural disasters and unfertile land
B.   to reduce food product and make air fresh
C.   the water supply in the ground to decrease and the soil becomes fertile
D.   food product to increase and erosion
E.   food and forest product to increase

Read Text (Wacana III dari soal nomor 14 sampai dengan -manor 17)

Contagious  diseases  are  which  are  passed  from person to person. They can be passed by direct contact'
0rby bacteria in the air.
Some diseases are very dangerous and these can spread quickly, causing sickness and sometimes death. In  the  14th  century  in  Europe,  a  contagious  diseases called | "bubonic plague' or 'black death' killed millions people. No one knew how it spreads and they could not stop   it.   Today  contagious   disease   lik bubonic plague can be Stopped by modern medicine, but at the time, nobody understood how diseases were spread or what  caused  them.  Even  this  century  there  have  been outbreaks   of   seriou contagious   diseases   such   as typhoid, yellow fever and cholera.
Doctors and scientist have studied these diseases can           prevent           them   if          medicine           is           available. Unfortunately, many countries are crowded and disease Spreads quickly. When this happens this is called
an    'epidemic'.    Even    today    doctors    and    modern medicine sometimes cannot stop epidemics until many people have already died.

How are contagious diseases passed?
A.   by epidemics
B.   by outbreaks
C.   by bacteria
D.   by crowded countries
E.   by sickness of death

Why don't we have bubonic plague today??
A.   doctors didn't know about it
B.   it is called 'black death
C.   people in Europe have it
D.   countries are not crowded
E.   modern medicine can stop it

What is another word for 'epidemic'?
A.   outbreak
B.   bubonic Plague
C.   crowded countries
D.   modern medicine
E.   typhoid

Epidemic still occurs because ...
A.   many countries are crowded
B.   doctors can prevent them
C.   bubonic plague can be stopped
D.   some diseases are not very contagious
E.   modern medicine sometimes can stop them

The part of the face below the mouth is called the ...
A.   temple
B.   forehead
C.   chin
D.   eyes
E.   ears

The Indonesian archipelago consist of. large and small
... and the most densely populated one is Java.
A.   rivers
B.   lakes
C.   oceans
D.   islands
E.   continents

You cannot dry on your dress today. Look, it is ... now!
A.   sunny
B.   windy
C.   stormy
D.   brightly
E.   operator

An operation is usually performed by a (an) ...
A.   patient
B.   conductor
C.   surgeon
D.   scientist
E.   operator

The ... of his visit makes it different to know when he will be here again.
A.   reality
B.   regularity
C.   possibility
D.   rapidity
E.   uncertainty

Some atoms joined together to make ...
A.   a substance
B.   an element
C.   a molecule
D.   a liquid
E.   a solid

The   rapi populatio growth   i th developing
countries  has  already  created  overcrowded  cities,  and that  living  in  these  cities  becomes  more  and  more difficult.
The word 'population' in the sentence above is the ...
A.   increasing growth of people
B.   number of people living in a place or in a country
C.   number   of   birth   rate   of   babies   in    place   or
D.   amount of unemployed people
E.   decrease of food product

A  persowho  headthe  embassy  and  represent  his government in diplomatic affairs is ...
A.   a consul
B.   an ambassador
C.   a legation
D.   an attaché
E.   an envoy

The smoke from factories and cars cause air pollution. The underlined word means that the air is ...
A.   clean
B.   dirty
C.   wasted
D.   fresh
E.   clear

After  the  planed  landed,  the  passengers  ...  their  belts
and got off the plane.
A.   unbuttoned
B.   unfastened
C.   unfolded
D uncover
E.   unrolled

The  golden  colours  of  Garuda  ...  the  greatness  of  the
A.   represent
B.   shields
C.   keeps
D.   protects
E.   strengthness

On   August   17,   1945,   Soekarno    Hatta   ...   the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.
A.   announced
B.   explained
C.   discussed
D.   informed
E.   proclaimed

Testing their ability to walk in the weak lunar ...
One of sixth of that on earth the two astronauts moved slowly in his space suit.
A.   outer space
B.   orbit
C.   gravity
D.   launching
E.   atmosphere

In business, to make payment by ... is much saver than
by cash.
A.   cheque
B.   money
C.   bank
D.   bank note
E.   capital

Birth-control  is  one  of  the  systems  to  overcome  the density of the population. The Indonesian government
has  put  the  family  planning  program into  practice  for years.  The  main  purpose  of  the  program  is  to  ...  the
A.   forbid B.   control C.   examine D.   improve E.   increase

Budi  :  This room is very hot, would you opening the
window please? Amir  :  ...
A.   thanks
B.   please
C.   thank you
D.   I'd be glad to
E.   that's good

A        : My father died two days ago
B        : ...
A.   I am sorry to hear that
B.   I am sad
C.   congratulation
D.   that's great
E.   oh yes

A  : I have a pain in my throat. What would you recommend?
B  : I'd advise you ... anymore
A.   not to smoke
B.   not smoke
C.   did not smoke
D.   will not smoke
E.   are not smoke

X ': " ...Yogyakarta?"
Y  : "oh, I like it very much. It's not too big but not too small either and most of the people are friendly"
A.   what did you think
B.   why don't you like
C.   how do you like
D.   why do you like
E.   what do you like

Tony  :  "shall we go out for some ice cream?" Tini   :  " ... but I'm doing my assignment now."
A.   No, I shan't
B.   Yes, thank you
C.   No, I have no time
D.   I'd love to
E.   I like it

Read  Text  (Wacana  IV  nomor  38  sampai  dengan nomor 40)

We   can' imagin livin withou electricity. Aeroplanes  wouldn't  be  able  to  take  off,  car  engines wouldn’t  run,  radiand  television  broadcasts  would stop.  In  other  words,  modern  living  could  not  go  on. Besides,   million   of   people    mechanics,   factory   - workers,  pilots,  etc  would  lose  their  job,  for  they  can work  only  of  electricity  is  available.  Electricity  is undoubtedly one of the most important aids to modem living.
Nowadays       the              government     tries     hard    to modernize the people, not only in the cities but also in the countries. This is a good wisdom. If people in cities or  towns  don't  get  food  from  people  in  the  countries they can't work well. On the other hand if people in the countries  don't  get  supply,  equipments  and  services from people in the cities they can't work well either.
One of the government attempts to modernize the country  people  is  by  installing  the  power  plants  to produce    electricity    to    light    country    homes.    By
introducing  electricity  in  the  countries,  in  the  country
people   can   enjo television   broadcast   relayed   by nearby relay stations.

Many   people   such   as   mechanics factory   workers, pilots, etc can't work in offices,
Electricity is only available in cities.

Electricity is one of the most important aids to modern
Many  people's  daily  needs  especially  in  cities  and towns are resulted from the use of electricity.

On of   government's   attempts   to   modernize   the country's   life   is   b installin th power   plants   to
produce electricity
Country people do not enjoy television broadcasts.

I  had  done  my  work  when  my  classmate  came.  It means ...
(1)  my classmate had come when I did my work.
(2)  my  classmate  had  come  when  I  was  doing  my work.
(3)  habeedoinmwork  whemclassmate came.
(4)  I had finished my work my classmate came.

The books belong to her. The bag belongs to her. We can also say:
(1)  The books belong to her and so the bag belongs to her.
(2)  The books belong to her and the bag is so to her.
(3)  The books belong to her and so is the bag.
(4)  The books belong to her and so does the bag.

Mr.  Harun  will  get  the  carpenter  to  make  a  table  for him. It means ...
(1)  the carpenter will make a table for himself. (2)  Mr. Harun will make a table for himself.
(3)  Mr. Harun will make a table for carpenter.
(4)  Mr.  Harun  will  ask  the  carpenter  to  make  a  table for him.

Join these two sentences using a relative pronouns. My
father knows the man. The man lent you a  magazine. My father knows the man ... lent you a magazine.
(1)  whose (2)  who (3)  which
(4)  that

... what would you do?
(1)  if one hits you
(2)  if you were ill
(3)  are you ill
(4)  if you got a lot of money

A volcano is mountain surrounding is the earth's crust'.  Steam,  gases,  lava2,  ashes,  etc.  are  forced  out almost   continuousl from   an   activ volcano A dormant3  volcano is a little different. The steam gases lava,  ashes,  etc.  are  forced out  a  long  intervals.  In  an extinct4   volcano,  the  opening  or  crater  has  long  been closed  up  with  cold,  solid  lava,  etc.  There  is  no  heat left.
In eruptions, volcanoes may destroy life, but they also make the land fertile.
Volcanic  eruptions  cause  disaster.  Hot  materials that  are  thrown  up  destroy  all  life  in  their  path.  Hot lava,  when  cooled  off,  turns  into  cold  'lahar',  which becomes   dangerous   whe it   rains.   Eruption are accompanied by        earthquakes, sometimes    very destructive as when Mount Agung erupted in 1963.
One  may  conclude  that  volcanoes  only  cause disasters. This is not true, in fact, they are also a great blessing.  Volcanoes  and  mountains.  In  general,  force the clouds to rise. While rising they cool off and drop th water   they   contain   in   th form   o rain The materials thrown up by volcanoes contain minerals that are   neede by   plants.   After   many   years   volcanic materials will turn into good soil. Volcanic soil, being very fertile because of the minerals it contains, is very good  farm  land.  The  higher  regions,  beincool  are good for coffee, tea, and other plantations, requiring a cool climate. The woods on the slopes protect the soil against erosion, while the soil acts as a water reservoir giving water to the river.

Student Book III
1.       crust     = kerak
2.       lava      = lava
3.       dormant   =tidur belum aktif
4.       extinct  = mati tidak aktif


What are thrown out from an active volcano?

What is crater?

What do you know of an extinct volcano?

Why was mount Agung eruption dangerous?

What  are  the  advantages  of  volcanoes?  Mention  two things!