Soal Ebtanas English SMA 1990

Wacana 1

One   person   has   vegetables,   bu want fruit. Another man has a great deal of fruit, but want some vegetables.   So   th first   man   gives   some   of   his vegetables  to  the  second,  and  the  second  man  gives some  of  his  fruit  to  the  first.  He  has  exchanged  the vegetables for the fruit. They are happy now. Trade has made them happy.
Peopl have   alway traded Wh have   they traded? They have traded because they have wanted a better  life.  At  first  people  exchanged  their  things  for other  things.  Now  people  buy  and  sell  things  -  they trade for money.
Many   foreigners   have   com to   Indonesi for trade.  The  first  traders  came  for  spices.  That  was  for very  long  time  ago.  Now  the  traders  come  here  for
many other things.
History has shown us that a country has to trade if its people want a better life. Indonesia is trying hard to improv its   trade.   It   sells   man thing to   other countries but the most important things are oil, rubber, tin and copra.
What  has  trade  to  other  countries  brought  us?  It has brought the things that we do not make. The cars
that we drive, the train that we ride in, and the watches
that we wear are examples of this things. It is not hard to understand that they have made life better.
But we can trade only if we have more things than we need. So we have to make or produce more things to  sell.  We  have  to  produce  more  oil,  more  rubber,
more tin, and more of other things. We have to produce
better things, too, because we can get more money for them.  All  this  means  hard  work  for  us,  hard  work  at school, hard work at the office, hard work in the city, hard  work  in  the  country,  hard  work  everywhere.  By this way we can all enjoy the good things in life.

The first trader come to Indonesia for ...
A.   tin
B.   copra
C.   spices
D.   rubber
E.   watches

Now, the people trade for ...
A.   food
B.   money
C.   species
D.   furniture
E.   luxurious things

People traded many years ago by ...
A.   getting things
B.   buying things
C.   selling thing
D.   buying and selling thing
E.   exchanging their thing for the other things

According to the text, the most important things that
Indonesian sells to other countries are ...
A.   cars, trains, planes
B.   gold, copper, silver
C.   rattan, wood, sea weed
D.   fish, sell, jelly fish
E.   oil, rubber, tin and, copra

The main idea of the sixth paragraph is ...
A.   how to study hard
B.   how to enjoy our life
C.   how to improve our trade
D.   how to produce more things
E.   how to work in our country

Wacana 2

Marijuana  is  dangerous  drug.  It  is  often  called "pot" and the habit of smoking pot may send people to thei graves,   before   thei time.   Pot   smokin may damage   th brai an other   organs   i th body, especially the reproduction organs. In July 1989, at an international  meeting  held  on  the  dangers  of  smoking marijuana,  researchers  from  1 countries  presented proof  about  the  dangerous  effect  of  marijuana  on  the lungs,  the  brain,  and  other  organs  of  the  body.  They discovere other   effect   too:   sleeplessness,   heavy sweating, lack of appetite and nausea.
Marijuana  is  extracted  from  the  cannabis  plant. The;  cannabinoids are soluble in fat so they remain in the body's fatty organs after the smoking party is over. One  organ  that  contains  a  large  amount  of  fat  is  the human brain. The female reproductive organs also have high fat content. What harm does the marijuana build- up to these organs?
Well,   let   u tak an   example,    handsome teenagers whose name is Steve. Formerly he was good student who; had always received good grades. But he started               to       smoke    pot.    He    had     difficulties             in concentrating  on  hi subject  at school  and   i the remembering things. He also began to feel sick and to get  headache,  especially  if  he  did  not;  smoke  pot regularly.  As  a  result,  all  his  pocket  money;  went  on pot, and when this was gone he started to steal in order to satisfy his needs.

What is the remain name of marijuana?
A.   pot
B.   drug
C.   grave
D.   Nausea
E.   cannabinoids

what remain in the body's patty organs after smoking pot?
A.   pot
B.   drug
C.   grave
D.   Nausea
E.   Cannabinoids

What were the other effects or marijuana discovered by the researchers? !
A.   sleeplessness, heavy sweating, lack of appetite and nausea
B.   smoking marijuana might damage reproductive
C.   pot smoking might damage brains and organs
D.   that people went to their graves before their time
E.   that drugs were very dangerous for people

In line 7, the word "they" refers to ...
A.   lungs
B.   researchers
C.   dangerous effect
D.   organs of the body
E.   reproductive organs

The main idea of the first paragraph is ...
A.   the character of Steve
B.   the dangers of smoking pot
C.   the habit of smoking pot
D.   Steve, a handsome teenager
E.   The advantages of smoking pot

teams,  sent  by  oil  companies,  have  to  go  to  remote places,   find   sometimes   have   to   live   unde harsh conditions, to explore the earth or seabed for oil. They study the rock and the soil, and if there are promising result,  the  next  thing  for  the  oil  company  to  do  is  to send  a  drilling  team to  the  location.  Again,  this  not  a simple  matter.  Roads,  for  examples,  have  to  be  built first to transport the men and materials to the site. What is worse, the first drilling does not always bring about oil. The drilling team often has to drill up to ten wells before oil is found.

Animal-drawn carriages have been replaced by ...
A.   ships
B.   vehicles
C.   planes
D.   motor vehicles
E.   motor boats and vessels

To find an oil reserve people have to explore ...
A.   any location
B.   rock or oil
C.   rock or water
D.   the earth or seabed
E.   remote places only

In line 15, the word "this" refers to ...
A.   building a road them
B.   sending a drilling team
C.   gathering the crude oil
D.   sending exploration teams
E.   sending exploration machinery

In line 13, the word "they" refers to ...
A.   people
B.   exploration teams
C.   finished product
D.   oil companies
E.   harsh conditions

Wacana 3


The main idea of the first paragraph is that ...
A.   oil has changed a great deal of things

That oil has helped’ to shape the world is not an exaggeration.  Indeed,  the  discovery  of  oil  during  the last hundred years has changed a great deal of things. An  oil  product  called  kerosene  has  replaced  firewood in  the  kitchen  of  our  cities.  Motor  vehicles  using gasoline or diesel oil have put animal-drawn carriages into  museums.  Steamships  have  lost  against  motor vehicles.    Diesel    locomotives    have    driven    steam locomotives off the rails. :Jet planes using aviation fuel fly  the  skies,  making  remote  places  reachable  in  a matter of hours.
That oil is indispensable to our everyday lives is not an exaggeration, either. Yet few of us ever ask how this  important  liquid  is  extracted  from  the  earth  and changed into finished products. In the first place, it is not  an  easy  matter  to  find  an  oil  reserve.  Exploration

B.   kinds of oil for transportation
C.   the importance of transportation
D.   motor vehicles using gasoline
E.   further processing of oil

Exploration teams, sent bay oil companies, have to go
to remote places, (paragraph 2 line 11).
The word "remote" in the sentence above means ...
A.   busy
B.   near
C.   faraway
D.   crowded
E.   close

An oil product called ... has replaced firewood in the kitchen of our cities.
A.   diesel oil
B.   gasoline
C.   kerosene
D.   lubricant
E.   petrol

Wacana 4

In agriculture, for example, to fulfill demand for food  supply,  Man  tends  to  concentrate  on  growing  a single  species  of  plant  (monoculture)  in  area.  High densities of crops provide optimum condition for pests and  spread  disease.  To  kill  pests  and  the  spread  of disease man the uses pesticides, especially insecticides. Trough  effective,  it  is  expensive  and  can  kill  many organisms whish harmless to Man's crops so upsetting the balance of the ecosystem. They may kill the pest's natural  enemies,  thus  removing  a  form  of  biological control  of  the  pests.  Moreover,  pesticides,  DDT  for example,    can    accumulate    within    the    tissues    of organism, and be passed along food chains where they increase  in  concentration.  Animals  at  the  end  of  the food chain may doses large enough to be fatal.
Industrialization pollutes the atmosphere, soil and water.  The  main  factors  in  this  are  the  release  of chemical  waste  from  industrial  processes  the  use  of pesticides  and  herbicides,  accumulation  of  unwanted materials  (rubbish)  and  the  increasing  disposal  of  the radioactive waste.
The only means of preventing over-exploration of plants,  animals  and  natural  resources,  and  preserving the  stability  of  the  ecosystem  is  by  conservation.  The government gives protection to the species and animal threatened  with  extinction  and  campaigns  to  conserve energy.   Fores conservation,   re-forestatiori,   re-gene ring: National Parks, like Ujung Kulon for example, to hunt,   kill   or   trad in   protected   anima such   as elephants,   orang   utans rhinoceros,   and   cassowary. Recent    efforts    to                 transfer  elephants         from            the neighboring areas to Air Sugihan in South Sumatra is a means of protecting elephants for extinction.
All this has to be done to raise the quality of the environment and to produce a balance of nature.

What are the bad effect of industrialization?
A.   it pollutes the atmosphere, soil and water
B.   it preserves the stability of the ecosystem
C.   it decrease disposal of radioactive waste
D.   it doesn't accumulate unwanted materials
E.   it makes the environments clean and fresh

Why does the government give protection to the spices
and animal?
A.   to make them easy to transport
B.   to preserves them from extinction
C.   to make a better life for them
D.   to make the forest always green
E.   to preserves the stability of the ecosystem

In line 7, the word "they" refer to ?
A.   pesticides
B.   species of plant
C.   high densities of crops
D.   man and pesticides
E.   optimum condition and spread disease

In line 21, the word "there" refers to...
A.   Air Sugihan
B.   Ujung Kulon
C.   South Sumatra
D.   Forest Conservation
E.   The neighbouring area

The main idea of the third paragraph is about ...
A.   How to preserve the stability of ecosystem
B.   How to kill and trade the animal
C.   How to green the National Parks
D.   How to protect the elephants
E.   How to transfer the elephants

Be careful throwing away chemicals. They may act as
... to soil water.
A.   wastes
B.   pollutants
C.   predators
D.   destroyers
E.   protectors

In short time human being have been on earth, they have learned to change the environment to provide
their needs and luxuries.
The underline words mean ...
A.   surrounding
B.   forest
C.   people
D.   animals
E.   plants

Wacana 5

When we buy canned or bottled food products at the  grocer's  or  the  supermarket,  we  will  find  out  that there  are  some  additives  added  to  the  main  nutrients. An additives is a non-nutritive substance intentionally added to food generally in small quantities, to improve appearance, flavor, storage properties, etc.
Most    governments    issue    lists    of    permitted additives  stating  the  highest  acceptable  concentration, defining food products in which they may be used and sometimes          recommending     the          maximum             daily consumption.  Such  legislation  is  revised  periodically, and product may be added to or deleted from permitted lists  because  of  additional  scientific  knowledge  and experience of their use.
 grou o food   additives   includes   vitamins, amino   acids an minerals   which   ar added   to foodstuffs  to  compensate  for  losses  occurring  during processing or to provide additional sources in diet that might    otherwise    be    deficient    in    such    nutrients. Examples of their use include enrichment of margarine with  the  addition  of  vitamin  A,  and  niacin  amide  to flour or bread. Salt often has a small amount of iodine to it to avoided a diet deficiency that can cause goiter development.
Appearance is an important factor in food appeal, and  legislation  in  most  countries  permits  the  addition of both natural and synthetic coloring  mater based on th colorin standard issue by   th Food   and Agriculture  Organization   (FAO and  World  Health Organization (WHO).
Flavoring  materials  are  added  to  basic  foodstuff to provid  characteristic   produc flavo o to supplement   or   modify   th original   flavor.   Most
flavoring   materials   are   stil o natural   origin but
progress in organic chemistry has made, it possible to analyze  flavoring  materials  and  to  synthesize  product similar with those found in nature.
Flavor  can  also  be  influenced  by  the  addition  of the  flavor  enhancer  such  as  monosodium  glutamate which intensifies perception of flavoring.

Canned or bottled food product contain additives
besides ...
A.   non-nutritive substances
B.   margarine with vitamins
C.   storage properties
D.   small quantities
E.   main nutrients

The lists of permitted additives were issued by ...
A.   grocer
B.   consumer
C.   legislation
D.   governments
E.   food producer

The iodine prevent us from developing ...
A.   decay
B.   goiter
C.   vitamins
D.   nutrient
E.   diet deficiency

In line 16, the word "it" refers to ...
A.   salt
B.   flour
C.   bread
D.   margarine
E.   niacin amide

The best title for the above text is ...
A.   Food and Vitamins
B.   Food and Additives
C.   Food and Their use
D.   Food and Nutrients
E.   Food and a Diet Deficiency

Tinned food is very practical, but it is not as good as ... food
A.   fast
B.   fresh
C.   bottled
D.   canned
E.   synthetic

We have known that ... food is necessary for healthy bodies and keen minds.
A.   fast
B.   sweet
C.   canned
D.   nourishing
E.   starchy


8 m

6 m

Look at the picture, the dimensions, of this field are 8
meters. The underline word means ...
A.   area
B.   height
C.   volume
D.   length
E.   measurements

The dimension of a ... are by its length, width, and
A.   cube
B.   square
C.   triangle
D.   rectangle
E.   trapezium



Look at the map!
The place shown by the arrow in the map is ...
A.   a strait
B.   a gulf
C.   a continent
D.   an ocean
E.   an island

In a tropical country many children die of dehydration.
This means that they die because they lack of ... in their bodies.
A.   salt
B.   water
C.   protein
D.   energy
E.   vitamin

Guide           : Is it your first visit to Bali? Mr. Blake    : No. I ... here twice.
A.   am
B.   was
C.   will be
D.   must be
E.   have been

Instead saying:
The travellers were so tired
They didn't continue their journey. We can also say ...
A.   The   travellers   were   tire because   they   didn't continue their journey.
B.   Th travellers   were   so   tired   that   they   didn't continue their journey.
C.   The travellers were so tired if they didn't continue their journey.
D.   They  didn't  continue  their  journey  so  they  were
E.   They  didn't  continue  their  journey  but  they  were tired.

Toni  : Vera, are you going to go to Yanti's birthday party?
Roni : If she invited me I would go.
From Roni's answer we know that Yanti ... him.
A.   invites
B.   invited
C.   did not invite
D.   does not invite
E.   will not invite

Mother ... the food by the time the children come home.
A.   cooks
B.   cooked
C.   will cook
D.   has cooked
E.   will have cooked

Dina : Roni, that is the most popular book. Roni  : Oh ya. It must have been write by a
distinguished professor.
From the dialogue we know that Ani is sure distinguished professor ... that book.
A.   wrote
B.   would write
C.   should write
D.   planned to write
E.   wanted to write

Ani      : What would you like to drink?
Irwan  : ... will do.
A.   Everything
B.   Something
C.   Anything
D.   Nothing
E.   None

Bona : Can you help me to answer this question, Tony?
Toni  : I would rather you answered it yourself. The underline sentences means. That Bona ... the question herself.
A.   answers
B.   answered
C.   has answered
D.   did not answer
E.   does not answer

Ani  : There is a good film Murni Theater.
Will you join me, Hen? Heri : Certainly.
Ani  : Please, come to my house at 4.00 p.m. If you want to.
The underline sentence means that ...
A.   Heri wants to join Ani to see the film.
B.   Ani wants to see the film without Heri.
C.   Ani doesn't want to join Heri to the film.
D.   Heri doesn't want to go with Ani.
E.   Ani wants to see the film with Heri.
Roni       : Father, my type write is out of order. Father    : Don't worry, I'll get it mended.
The sentence underlined has the same meaning as ...
A.   Father will mend it him self.
B.   Father wants my sister to mend it,
C.   My father will ask someone to mend it. D.   My sister ask father to mend it.
E.   Someone will ask father to mend it.

"Do you borrow this book from the library? " asked
Deni wanted to know whether I ... that book from the library.
A.   borrow
B.   borrowed
C.   will borrow
D.   have borrowed
E.   am going to borrowed

Ani  :  You promised to return my book now. I need badly?
Dian :  ... I left it home. I'll give it you this afternoon.
A.   I'm sorry
B.   I don't mind
C.   I'm very terrible
D.   I'm so pleased
E.   I'm very awful

Irfan   :  The test very difficult.
Toni   Hopefully, you can.
The underline utterance is an expression of ...
A.   showing disappointment
B.   giving instruction
C.   admitting something
D.   complaining something
E.   showing expectation

Johan  : Are you working here, Ivan?
Ivan    : Yes, I have been working here for a month. Johan  : Oh, really ...
A.   I'm very surprised
B.   I'm very anxious
C.   I'm confused
D.   I'm terrible
E.   I'm worried

Father    :  Where's Helen? It's already 20.30  now. Mother  :  She's going working to the Jakarta Fair.
Father    :  I'm afraid. She gets lost.
The underline phrase express ...
A.   hope
B.   attention
C.   surprise
D.   worry
E.   disappointment

The teacher    : ..., please, we'll start the lesson. The student    : All right. Sir.
A.   Be quiet
B.   Be careful
C.   That right
D.   Take care

E.   Be a good class