Soal Ebtanas English SMA 1991

Wacana l

Lake Toba, which is situated in the center of the Bukit   Barisan   mountain   range is   an   interesting mountain resort with Samosir island in the center of the lake.  It  boasts  many  modern  hotels  and  facilities  for water    sport    such    as    boating,    water-skiing    and swimming.
In  the  West  Sumatera,  the  center  of  culture  and tourism is  Bukittinggi,  situated  in  the  highlands north of the provincial capital of Padang. West Sumatera is a lan of   scenic   beauty   with   green   lakes   an Blue Mountains.
Java has a great number of attractions, including the  world-renowned  Botanic  Gardens  in  Bogor,  the wildlife reserve of Ujung Kulon on the south west part of the island. Borobudur, a gigantic Buddhist shrine is situated 42 kilometres northwest of Yogyakarta and the Ijen  crater  lies  in  East  Java  and  displays  hot  springs, waterfalls and free-roaming deer as well as the sulphur crater itself. A three-hour drive from Surabaya, and hen
a pony ride from the village of Ngadisari over the sea of sand, will take you to Mount Bromo, it is an active volcano  with  sulphur  fumes  and  smoke  still  emitting
from  its  depths.  The  inhabitants  of  the  surrounding
areas believe in the God of Bromo and bring offerings to the deity.

What natural beauty does Sumatera have?
A.   Highlands
B.   Mountain resorts
C.   Farming areas
D.   Facilities for water-sports
E.   Lakes and mountains

What is usually found in tourism spots? There are a lot of ...
A.   Places of interest
B.   Wildlife reserve
C.   Modern hotels
D.   Green lakes
E.   Water-sports

We saw some wild animals ... In the wildlife reserve of
Ujung Kulon.
A.   Playing
B.   Running
C.   Roaming
D.   Jumping
E.   Climbing

The main idea of the second paragraph is
A.   Bukittinggi is the center of culture and tourism
B.   Padang is the provincial capital of West Sumatera
C.   Bukittinggi is in the highlands, north of Padang
D.   West Sumatera is a land of scenic beauty
E.   Bukittinggi is situated in the highlands

The word "it" in paragraph 1 refers to ...
A.   Resort
B.   Lake Toba
C.   Bukit Barisan
D.   Samosir Island
E.   Mountain range

It is an active volcano with sulphur fumes and smoke still   emittin from   it depth.(pa 1).   What   i the
meaning of "emitting"?
A.   Flowing out
B.   Surrounding
C.   Coming in
D.   Driving
E.   Taking

Wacana 2

Probably the best known volcano in Indonesia, or in the whole world for that matter, is Mount Krakatau.
It  erupted violently in  1883. What  caused it  to  erupt? Or, more generally, what causes volcanoes to erupt? In
order  to  know  the  answer,  it  is  necessary  for  us  to
know  what  a  volcano  is.  In  Indonesian  we  call  it "gunung   berapi",   o "gunung   api"   fo short,   the question  is,  where  do  the  heat  and  fire  come  from? According to geologists, deep beneath the ground there are  chambers, which  contain  molten  rock. Because of high pressure, the molten rock is forced up the passage that connects the chamber and the opening in the crust of the earth. This molten rock flows out of the opening as lava (magma), and along with it is emitted ashes and gases. A volcano, then, is a mountain with an opening at the top, from which flows lava, hot ashes and gases Eventually the lava cools off and becomes solid rock. Sometimes   th soli roc blocks   th opening   and eruption  stop.  However,  if  high  pressure  builds  up  in the chamber, the blockage may reopen and the volcano erupts once more.
Very  often  a  volcanic  explosion,  like  the  1883's explosion  of  Mount  Krakatau,  causes  a  great  deal  of human  suffering.  That  is  why  people  often  associate
volcanoes with disasters. That is not wholly correct, of
course, since there are also some good things. Firstly, volcanoes, like mountain in generals, cause clouds the rise  and  then  cool  off  to  form  rain.  Secondly,  the
materials  thrown  up  by  volcanoes  contain  minerals neede by   plants,   after   many   years   the   volcanic materials make the soil fertile.

Where do the heat and the fire come from?
They come from ...
A.   The slope of the mountain
B.   Deep beneath the ground
C.   The top of the mountain
D.   The crust of the earth
E.   The passage of lava

One   o th advantage w get   from   th volcano eruption is:
A.   Causing disasters
B.   Forming new islands
C.   Causing human suffering
D.   Making the land fertile
E.   Throwing up useless materials

What  make  the  molten  rock  rise  up  and  flow  out  the crater of the volcano?
A.   Heat
B.   Eruption
C.   High pressure
D.   Opening on the top
E.   Blocked opening

Which statement is correct according to paragraph 1 ?
A.   Mount  Krakatau  is  the  most  famous  volcano  in
B.   The chambers beneath the earth contain crust
C.   Mount Krakatau is not known all over the world
D.   Heat and fire come from the top of the volcano
E.   Geologists is an expert in geometry

An  long   wit ft   i emitted   ashes   and   gases, (paragraph 1).
The word "it" refers to ...
A.   Fire
B.   Gases
C.   Ashes
D.   Solid rock
E.   Molten rock

People   often   conclude   that   volcanoe only   cause
The underlined word means
A.   Earthquake
B.   Misfortune
C.   Damage
D.   Hazard
E.   Danger

Wacana 3

 central   bank   als provides   loans   t its customers. But the customers are not individuals as in the case of commercial bank. The customers of central banks  are  governments,  other  commercial  banks  and financial  institutions,  A  country  will  have  one  central bank.  In  England  it  is  the  Bank  of  England.  In  our country  it  is  the  Bank  of  Indonesia.  The  central  bank often has a duty of formulating and implementing the country's  monetary  and  credit  policies,  usually  in  co- operation with the government.
For us individuals, the commercial bank  is more important because it directly provides us with services. We can enjoy the services by establishing an account at the  bank.  There  are  two  kind  of  account.  One  is  the savings  account  and  the  other  is  the  current  account. One advantage of having a current account is that we can pay using cheques. This means that we don't have to  carry  large  amounts  of  money  with  us,  and  risk losing it.
Most banks, commercial banks, have two kinds of current accounts. One is the minimum balance account and  the  other  is  the  special  account.  The  former  kind requires  the  customer  to  maintain  in  his  account  a certain  amount  as  a  minimum  balance.  But  the  bank will  charge  the  customer  a  fee  for  each  cheque  he  or she writes.

What  makes  a  central  bank  and  a  commercial  bank different?
A.   It's services
B.   It's interests
C.   It's customers
D.   It's securities
E.   It's accounts

What  account  do  you  need  if  you  want  to  do  some
shopping  in  a  Supermarket  without  carrying  a  large amount of money?
A.   Credit
B.   Loans
C.   Deposits
D.   Current account
E.   Saving account

It  seems  impossible  for  us,  individuals,  to  borrow money from ...
A.   Commercial bank
B.   Central bank C.   Private bank D.   Foreign bank
E.   Financial institution

"The Former" in the-last paragraph refers the ...
A.   Commercial bank
B.   Special account
 C.   Minimum balance account
D.   Saving account of a bank
E.   Current account of a bank

The first paragraph tell us about..
A.   The  difference between  a  commercial  bank  and  a central bank
B.   Where you can pay your telephone and electricity bills
C.   The services that a central bank can give
D.   You can deposit your money safety at a bank
E.   Where customers can buy travel tickets

We can enjoy the services by establishing an account at
the bank. The underlined work means ...
A.   Opening
B.   Saving
C.   Paying
D.   Giving
E.   Requiring

Wacana 4

Water  is  an  essential  component  of  all  living matter.  The  body  itself  consists  of  more  than  70% water. Water is necessary for weathering processes that convert  rock   to   soil  an for  the  transport  of  soil nutrients  to  plant.  In  the  form  of  vapour,  it  provides protection  for  us  against  the  harmful  radiations  from outer  space  and  the  chilling  temperatures  at  night. Water is so much a part of our daily lives that we take all this for granted, we drink it, wash with it, use it to dispose of our waste  products  and for  countless  other domestic purposes.
The widest use of water in some countries is for irrigation. The farmers grow rice extensively to satisfy the  need  for  this  staple  food.  With  the  programmer's priority being to increase rice production, the heavy use of water for agriculture will continue in the future.
Water  is  also  used  to  produce  electric  power. Many hydroelectric power plants provide electricity for cities, towns and villages.
Industry  depends  on  water.  The  manufacture  of
foodstuffs,  textiles,  man-made  dams  now  attract  more and   more   people   fo fishing,   boatin and   other recreations.
Water sources can be classified as either surface water  or  ground  water.  Surface  water  originates  from two main sources rivers and rainfall, which act as the sources  of  water  in  urban  areas.  Rainwater  failing  on land  areas  partly  infiltrates  the  earth's  surface  and  is partly  intercepted  bplants,  while  some  evaporates. Water  collected  in  lakes,  swamps,  streams  and  rivers can be used to provide an urban water supply.

Why is water essential for us? Because
A.   Water protect us from harmful radiations
B.   We need water for washing our clothes
C.   Water is badly needed in our life
D.   We use water for transportation E.   Our body consists 70% of water

Where is urban water supply collect from? A.   Lake
B.   Swamp
C.   Stream
D.   Spring
E.   Rainfall

According to the text, what are the four uses of water in our daily life?
A.   Irrigation, agriculture, company, industry
B.   Drinking, washing, cleaning, roasting
C.   Agriculture, industry, factory, company
D.   Boating, fishing, swimming, diving
E.   Recreation, irrigation, electricity, industry

Which statement is correct based on the text?
A.   The use of water decreases from time to time
B.   Sea water is more preferable for recreation
C.   Irrigation does not support a good harvest
D.   Water is really a basic need to human life
E.   All the rain water failing on land will evaporate

"an is   partly   intercepted   b plants,   while   some
evaporates", (line 22)
'Some' in this sentence means rain water ...
A.   Infiltrates the earth's surface
B.   Failing on land areas
C.   Failing on the rivers
D.   Intercepted by plants
E.   Collected in lakes

The  farmers  grow  rice  extensively  to  satisfy  the  need for this staple food. The underlined word means ...

Wacana 5

Indonesia,    having    the    world's    fifth    largest populations  and  endowed  with  extensive  and  varied natural  resources,  has  the  potential  to  become  a  great and  prosperous  power,  But  for  the  time  being  she  is facing  four  main  problems;  how  to  cope  with  her population's growth, how to produce enough food, how t provide  people  with  jobs  and  how  to  organize enough exports so that the country can pay her way in the  world.  Indonesia's  most  valuable  resource  is  her people.  Bufor  Indonesia,  as  with  other  developing countries,  the  possession  of  this  particular  kind  of resource   can   prove   to   be    serve   impediment   to economic development.

The Government is endeavoring to cope with the population  problem  in  two  ways:  on  the  one  hand  by encouraging  people  to  move,  either  spontaneously  or unde th official   transmigratio programme   from densely-populated Java, Madura and Bali to the wider ope spaces   of   th outer   islands   of   Sumatera, Kalimantan,  Sulawesi,  and  Irian  Jaya,  and  on  other hand  by  fostering  family  planning.  Transmigration  is more  than  a  response  to  population  growth;  it  also carries  profound  implications  for  balanced  national development and for national security.
In its response to the population growth however, Indonesia must continue to rely upon family planning
objectives, the establishment of happy and prosperous
small  families  and  the  reduction  of  the  population growth to 1% by 1990. The country's family planning can indeed offer valuable lessons for other parts of the world-in terms not only of results achieved but also of the democratic way in which they have been achieved. Indonesia's  family  planning  programme  has  become one of the most remarkable of all attempts to institute birth control on a mass scale.

There are only ... Countries in the world that have more population than Indonesia.
A.   One
B.   Two
C.   Three
D.   Four
E.   Five

In  its  response  to  the  population's  growth,  however, Indonesia must continue to rely upon family planning
objectives. (Paragraph 3). The word "its" refers to...
A.   Indonesia
B.   Family planning
C.    National security
D.   Population growth
E.   National development

The   government   is   endeavoring  to   cope   with   the population problem.
The underlined word means ...
A.   Endowing
B.   Enforcing
C.   Endorsing
D.   Attaining
E.   Attempting

This  traffic  sign  shows  us  that  wemust not ... here
A.   Turn right
B.   Turn around
C.   Blow the horn
D.   Go straight
E.   Overtake another car


What   can   help   Indonesia   to   make    great   and
prosperous nation?
A.   The availability of many jobs
B.   The rapid economic development
C.   The production of enough food
D.   The export which is bigger than import
E.   Many kinds of natural resources and its people

The government attempts to overcome the problem of
population growth by ...
A.   Encouraging people to move to urban areas
B.   Organizing enough exports
C.   Carrying out family planning programme
D.   Forcing people to have more children
E.   Providing people with jobs

The  success  of  family  planning  program  in  Indonesia
seems  to  be  valuable  lesson  for  other  countries.  The idea is found in paragraph ...
A.   One
B.   Two
C.   Three
D.   One and two
E.   Two and three

Look  at  the  picture!  The  bar crosses   the   center   of   the shield represents ..."
     A.   The  unbroken  continuity of    the    generations    of mankind
      B.   The  equator  that  passes through           Indonesian islands
C.   The state philosophy of 'Pancasila'
D.   The unity of Indonesia people
E.   Indonesia's self defense

One  of  the  things  which  has  close  relationship  with
tourism is entertainment.
The underlined word means something which gives us
A.   Hospitality
B.   Uneasiness
C.   Hostility
D.   Pleasure
E.   Fear

The  steward  explains  how  to  use  the  ...  in  case  the
plane has to land on water. A.   Flight equipment
B.   Safety belt
C.   Life vest
D.   Intercom
E.   Jacket

If   yo want   t be   a expert   i designing   house constructions,  you  may  continue  your  study  in  the
Faculty of ...
A.   Agriculture
B.   Technology
C.   Psychology
D.   Economy
E.   Law

Mother : "Rosy, where are you?"
Rosy     : "Here, in the room, I ... my homework:
A.   will do
B.   had done
C.   am doing
D.   was doing
E.   have done

Eko        : "Which is your mother, Lily?"
Lily         : "There she is; the one ... is coming here."
A.   who
B.   whom
C.   which
D.   whose
 E.   where

Jannata  : How long can you stay under water? Nadia      : I can stay there ... I can hold my breath
A.   as
B.   for
C.   since
D.   because
E.   as long as

Azwar    :  "Rudy,  I  didn't  see  you  at  Ani's  party  last night."
Rudi       :  "Oh,  Did  Ani  have  a  party?"  I  would  have come if I had been invited
The real fact is ... to the party.
A.   Rudi didn't come
B.   Ani didn't come
C.   Azwar didn't invite
D.   Rudi wouldn't invite
E.   Ani wasn't invited

Name Toni Pipin Teddy Anis Manan ... has the highest marks in English as well as History.
A.   Tony
B.   Pipin
C.   Teddy
D.   Anis
E.   Maman

Teacher :  "Anto!  Have  you  paid  your  school  fee  this month?"
Anto      : "No, Sir".
Teacher : "What date is today?" Anto      : "It is 27th, sir"
Teacher : "Mm - m You ... have paid your school fee at
10lh  this month" A.   must
B.   could
C.   would
D.   might
E.   should

Sue   "I didn't enjoy the movie last night" Bob   "Neither did I"
From the dialogue we know that ...
A.   Both Sue and Bob didn't enjoy the movie last night
B.   Not only Sue but also Bob enjoyed the movie last night
C.   Bob enjoyed the movie last night but Sue didn't
D.   Bob enjoyed the movie last night, and so did Sue
E.   Either Sue and Bob enjoyed the movie last night

Azhar    :  "You  look  tired,  Septa!  Something  wrong with you?"
Septavi  : "Yea. I fell unwell: I wish I hadn't worked so
The underlined sentence means Septa ... hard
A.   works
B.   worked
 C.   didn't work
D doesn't work
E.   hadn't worked

X  : "Would you like to go to the beach?" Y   : "No, not particularly"
I'd rather.. to the mountain resort
A.   had gone
B.   would go
C.   going
D.   went
E.   go

Adi       :   Your coat is very smart, Arman
Arman  Thank you, Really?
Adi       :   Sure! Did you make it yourself? Arman :   No, I ...
A.   make it
B.   made it
C.   had made it
D.   had it made
E.   have it made'

Anto    : Shall I post that letter, for you? Donny : ... I can do it on the way home
A.   Oh, you really know what I mean
B.   Yes, that's a good idea
C.   Oh, thanks so much
D.   Oh, no, thank you
E.   That's nice, An

Rim :  I  am  hungry.  Let's  find  something  to  eat  at cafetaria
Lusi     : That's a. good idea
The underlined utterance expresses ... A.   ability
B.   preference
C.   agreement
D.   possibility
E.   disappointed

At a meeting of the Parent-Teacher's Association, Miss
Rani rushes in and accidentally pushes Mr. Barman. Miss Rani      : "... I'm in a hurry"
Mr. Barman : "That's quite all right" A.   Well, I must apologize
B.   Attention please
C.   I regret, please
D.   Oh, I am so sorry
E.   Mind your step

Rina   and   he brother Budi,   were   talking   in   the verandah   when   Tuti,   Rina' friend,   come.   Rina
introduced her brother to Tuti. Rina    : "...."
Tuti     : "How do you do?"
Budi    : "How do you do? Pleased to meet you" A.   How are you?
B.   I beg your pardon?
C.   How are things, Tuti? D.   Tuti is my friend, Budi
E.   Tuti, this is my brother Budi

Mr. Ben hard : "Excuse me, could you tell me the way
to the station?
Rizal                : "Yes, it is not far from here, go straight down here, and take the first turning to your left"
The underlined utterance is about ... A.   expressing hope
B.   B, refusing an offer
C.   introducing people
D.   asking for information
E.   accepting invitation