Soal Ebtanas English SMA 1995

Wacana 1


People need water. We cannot live without water. X person should drink at least eight glasses of water a day.  If  a  person  does  not  drink  enough  water,  he  can suffer  from  kidney  trouble.  A  big  man  should  drink more than eight glasses a day.
In  Indonesia  many  children  die  of  dehydration. This means they die because of lack of water in their bodies. So we must make sure that our children drink
enough .water, especially when they are suffering from
At  present,  many  governments  of  the  world  are worried  about  the  water  supplies  in  their  countries. Fresh  water  is  becoming  more  and"  more  difficult  to get.  In  many  cities  where  there  are  many  people,  the level of water in the underground wells is getting lower and fewer.
The  loss  of  water  from  wells  under  the  ground. These are very important for water preservation.
Dams preserve or store the water that many of our towns  and  cities  need!  Dams  have  many  functions.
They hold back rain water that may result in floods if
not  checked.  They  also  provide  water  to  irrigate  the farms with.
People can use the waterfalls of a dam to produce electricity.  Electricity  gives  light  and  energy  to  our
Houses  and,  factories.  Dams  can  also  produce  lakes,
and lakes cart be used for raising fish and for practicing various kinds of water sports.
Another  source  of  water  ,is  .rivers.  In  Indonesia we  have  many  rivers.  Rivers  are  a  good  source  of water.  However,  if,  people  throw  waste  into  rivers,
then  the  water  becomes  very  dirty.  Waste  pollutes
water.  One  of  the  most  dangerous  types  of  waste  .is chemical waste from factories. This can be deadly and can  kill  fish,  water  plants  and  other  creatures  which live in rivers.

A big man is advised to drink ... of water a day in order to stay healthy.
A.   four glasses
B.   -eight glasses
C.   exactly eight glasses
D.   not less than eight glasses
E.   not more than eight glasses

Which of the following statements is not true according
to the text?
A.   We can use water for many purposes
B.   People need water, so we can't live without
C.   Dams field back rain water to irrigate the rice fields
D.   Dams also provide water, so water to irrigate the rice fields
E.   Another source of water is rivers, but it can't help irrigation

How do dams become tourist resorts?
A.   They provide enough water for irrigation
B.   They can hold back rain water that may result in floods if not checked
C.   They can produce lakes that can be used for raising fish and for practicing, various kinds of water
D.   They preserve or store the water that many of our towns and cities need
E.   They can avoid floods in the rainy season

The children who are suffering from diarrhea ... A.   should drink less water
B.   must drink ground water
C.   must be given enough water
D.   should be given light and energy
E.   should be given light and energy

Dams preserve or store water that many of our towns
and cities need.
The underlined word means ... A.   keep from danger
B.   keep from loss
C.   keep from decay D.   keep from harm E.   keep from dirt

Wacana 2
Many of you may have seen a Ford car. Some of
ow one or   at   least   you   might   have   owne one Formerly   Ford   cars   were   popular   in   Indonesia, althoug toda there   are   more   Toyot and   other Japanese cars that Ford or other American cars.
Like the Toyota car, The Ford car is named after the man who started the car factory. Henry Ford, along with  his  friends,  started  the  Ford  Motor  Company  in
1903. It was a small company then, but by 1927 it had grown into a giant company.

The  great  success  of  the  company  began  during the  years  1912  and  1913,  when  it  applied  all  the element   of   "mass   production" Th most   modern machine tools were used.
The parts of the car were standardized, Machines and ,workers were placed in orderly sequence. Moving conveyor    belts    were    used.    Other    devices    were employed in order that the movement of the pasts and materials   migh be   economical   and   efficient.   All activities were planed and coordinated.
Basically,  that  is  what  mass  production  is  all about.  The  word  "mass"  means  a  large  number.  The term "mass production" refers to methods of organizing
'productio processes   fo  maximu number   of products at the lowest cost! It is based on two general principles.  One  is  the  division  and  specialization  of
human  labour.  The  other  is  this  use  of  tools  and
machines  in  the  production  of  standard,  interchange- able parts.
From the Ford Motor Company mass1  production spread to other companies. Many Ford become known as   its   creator.   Was   this   creator   of   modern   mass
production    production    a    graduate    of    a    famous
university?  No,  he  was  not.  He  never  studied  at  any university. He dill not even finish high school. He left school when he was, 15 and began to work. You might think that he ought to have finished his schooling first.
Young Henry did not think so. Perhaps instead he. thought that one could be successful without finishing his schooling. Young Henry Ford might have promised himself that he would be a successful man. If indeed he did, then he kept his; word. He was a successful man, and  his  name  will  be  remembered  in  the  history  of mass production for good.

How long had the Ford Motor company been operating
until it became a big company? A.   Nine years
B.   Eleven years C.   Fifteen years D.   Sixteen years
E.   Twenty for years

Henry Ford became the, creator of modern mass
production even though he did not study in university. This information can be found in paragraph
A.   1
B.   2
C.   3
D.   4
E.   5

Which of the following statements is true according to the text?
A.   The great success of the company began in 1927
B.   The man who started the Ford car factory was
C.   In mass production the human labour is not important
D.   The Ford Motor Company was the first to introduce- alt elements of mass production
E.   Mass production means producing a maximum number of goods at a maximum cost,

In a mass production system, all activities are planned and coordinated in order to ....
A.   get a large number of products at low cost
B.   .see the general principles of it
A.   ;  standardize the parts of cars C.   specialize the human labour D.   get the most modern products.

"It was a small company then, but by 1927 it had
'grown into giant company", (paragraph- 2) The underlined word means ...
A.   very large
B.   popular C.   powerful D.   famous E.   strong

Wacana 3
Oil,  like  coal  and  natural  gas,  is  a  fossil.  Fuel fossils  are  made  from the  remains  of  dead  plants  and
animals/  It  is  thought  that  oil  comes  from  tiny  plants
and animals whose bodies fell in  their  millions to  the seabed  when  they  died.  There  they  were  covered  by sand and mud, which later hardened into rocks. In the course  of   millions   o years th plant  and   animal materials  underwent  chemical  changes  and  eventually turned into oil.
Oil Deposits lie hidden deep beneath the surface of earth. They have to be searched for. Unless the oil actually  comes  to  the  surface,  it  is  impossible  to  be certain that any is present.
The during demand for oil products keeps the oil companies  busy  exploring  new  oil  fields,  and  drilling new   wells.   Exploratio team are   sent   t distant regions to search for oil.
If   th exploration   show goo results,   the company  decides  to  drill  a well.  Thus  the  exploration
phase ends, and the production phase begins.
At  the  beginning  of  the  production  phase,  gas pressure from below causes the crude oil to gush to the surface with great force. After some time, however, the gas  pressure  is  less,  and  a  pumping  station  must  be built to bring up the oil. Wells continue to produce oil for several years, until productions become so tow that must be abandoned.

Crude oil has to be transported to a refinery to be made  into  the  many  products  that  are  useful  to  man,,

Wacana 4


such as patrol, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricants, asphalt. Further    .processing    gives    aviation    fuel,    greases, fertilizers,   insecticides,   man-mad fibers  an many
other things.
The   oi industry   has    very   complex   and widespread                distribution            system.  Ocean    tankers, pipelines,  rail  tankers,  and  road  tankers  are  used  to bring  the  oil  products  to  sea-ports,  inland  depths,  can and drum factories, and to  tent of thousands of petrol stations in cities and along motorways.
More  than/any  other,  the  oil  industry  influences the  lives  of  men  and  women  everywhere.  From  the largest to the simplest home, whose need may only be kerosene for its lamps and stoves.

From  the  oil-fields  the  crude  oil  is  sent  to  a  ...  to  be processed into petrol and other oil products.
A.   petrol station
B.   road tankers
C.   rail tanker
D.   refinery
E.   pipe

What is the duty of the exploration team? B.   To find oil
C.   To drill new wells
D.   To go to remote places
E.   To explore new oil fields
F.    To built a pumping station

The main idea of the sixth paragraph is about the
A.   storage systems of oil
B.   place of oil exploration
C.   significance of oil industry
A.   systems of oil:  transportation
E.   distribution system of oil industry

According to. the passage, which of the following statements is nottrue?
A.   Oil deposits are found deep beneath the surface of
the earth
B.   The duty of the exploration team is to search for oil
C.   Crude oil can be used right away as fuel
D.   The rising demand for oil products causes the oil company to explore new oil fields
E.   A pumping station must "be built as soon as the gas

Thus the exploration phase ends and the production
phase begins. A.   work
B.   duty C.   focus D.   stage
E.   process

If   yo look   at   th front   of    large,   modern hospital,  you  may  notice  that  there  are  two  separate entrances.  One  of  these  is  for  patients  in  need  of
immediate  treatment  -  it  is  the  emergency  entrance.
Here ambulance arc to be seen pulling up at any hour of  the  day  or  night.  The  other  entrance  is  the  main entrance of the hospital.
On  the  ground  floor;  inside  the  main  entrance there arc probably a reception area and waiting room, and also an office. On the floors above and below are the numerous other departments. On a lower floor may be the laundry and the kitchen. On another floor will be
a maternity section for mothers and their babies. Their hospital,  so  that  babies  do  not  catch  other  people's illnesses,
The  rooms  for  other  patients  are  usually  on  the higher floors. There are small room for just one patient slightly larger room for two, three or four patients, and larger rooms called wards, in which as many as 40 or
50 patient may lie in-rows of beds. On. other floors are the  operating  rooms,  called  operating  theatres,  and special       departments                 such                   as         the   radiography department, where x-rays are taken and developed.
In the laboratories, special tests are carried out on body  tissues  and  fluids  to  find  out  the  nature  of  a patient's  disease.  The  pharmacy  supplies  the  drug  to
treat  patients.  Near  to  the-operating  theatres  is  the
blood bank to store blood for transfusions. Here too is the   sterilizin department,   where   all   th operating theatres  and  in  the  wards  are  cleaned  and  made  free from germs.
A  very  large  staff  is  needed  to  run  a  hospital efficiently  It  consist  of  people  who  work  together  in teams. The hospital administrators organize the day-to-
day   working   o th hospital.   Th medical   staff,
including  the  doctors  and  nurses,  work  directly  with the    patients.    So    too    do    such    people    as    the physiotherapists,                                   anesthetists     and     radiographers. Grouped  together,  these  people  are  sometimes  known as paramedical workers',

What is the operating theatres for?
A.   To keep the operating instruments
B.   To make the patients free from germs
C.   To store blood for, transfusions
D.   To operate on patients
E.   To develop x-rays

The pharmacy supplies the drugs to treat patients. The underlined word means ...
A.   gives
B.   makes
C.   orders
D.   provides
E.   distributes

The two entrances have different functions. This information is found in paragraph ...
A.   one
B.   two C.   three D.   four E.   five

Which of the following statements is true based on the text?
A.   The  administrators can run a hospital efficiently
B.   The emergency entrance is not separated from the main one
C.   The process of taking x-rays is in the radiography department
D.   Operating theatres and the rooms for patients are in the same department
E.   The operating instruments and bandages are
sterilized in the operating room

... are called paramedical workers.
A.   Radiographers,   nurses,   physiotherapists,   and   ... anesthetists
B.   Administrators,    doctors,    physiotherapists,    and anesthetists
C.   Radiographers,        anesthetists,        nurses,        and
D.   Anesthetists, doctors, nurses, and administrators'
E.   Physiotherapists,  anesthetists,  radiographers,  and administrators

Lake Toba is one the tourist ... in Indonesia. 
A.   lakes B.   resort C.   bureaus D.   sceneries E.   landscape

The  State  Minister  of  Development,  Supervision  and
Environment says that the excessive felling of trees and the  reckless  opening  of  tropical  forests  will  speed  up the destructionof the entire country.
The underlined word means ...
A.   loss
B.   disaster C.   erosion D.   damage
E.   degradation

In ... people like to sunbathe on the beach.
A.   wet season
B.   autumn C.   spring D.   summer E.   winter

Neil Amstrong made history by becoming the first ... to step on the moon.
A.   pilot
B.   pioneer
C.   astronomer
D.   astronaut
E.   navigator

Contagious  diseases  are  diseases  that  ...  easily  by touch.
A.   fly  B.   bite C.   jump D.   injure E.   spread

To survive, a tiger uses strong teeth and ...
A.   claws B.   home C.   tusks D.   tails
E.   trunks

Carbon monoxide which comes from the exhaust pipe of vehicles may ... the lungs of the people who breathe
A.   save
B.   heat
C.   control D.   protect E.   damage

On the plane the passengers receive ... served by the air-hostesses.
A.   enjoyment
B.   refreshment
C.   explanation
D.   entertainment
E.   information

Which of the following words is not connected with food and drink?
A.   omelet
B.   porridge 
C.   corn flake 
D.   coke
E.   glue

Rini  :     " ... "
Rina :    "for almost five years".
A.   When did you study English?
B.   How many years will you study English
C.   How long have you studied English?
D.   When will you study English? 
E.   When do you study English?

Anna is the cleverest in her class ... 
A.   because her mother is nice
B.   so she sings beautifully
C.   but her sister is stupid
D.   and her father is also rich
E.   or her brother is clever, too

I  was  too  late  for  the  interview  because  the  personal
manager of the company didn't mail the letter earlier. If the personal manager had mailed the letter earlier, I
... to late for the interview. A.   wouldn't be
B.   shouldn't be
C.   might have been
D.   would have been
E.   wouldn't have been

It's getting dark. He's still busy packing.
We would rather he ... soon. A.   left
B.   had left
C.   would leave
D.   is leaving
E.   was leaving

Abu bought a new pair of trousers, but .the legs are too long.
He's going to have them ... A.   shorten
B.   shortened
C.   would leave
D.   to shorten
E.   shortening

Agnes    :  what do you think about the film?
Marlyn  :  The best we have seen this year, surely. Agnes    :  ... The main characters are really amazing. A.   I don't think so
B.   I quite agree with you C.   I'm afraid I don't agree D.   I think you're mistaken
E.   I couldn't accept your opinion

You  are  going  to  a  tourist  resort.  You  want  to  know about the object in detail.
Ask  the  guide  everything  you  want  to  know.  One  of your questions is:  ... the founder of this building?
A.   Could you tell me
B.   Why don't you tell me
C.   Are you telling me
D.   What do you tell me
E.   Do you want to tell me

Dew Did you enjoy the meal?
Lilik    :  Sure, it's wonderful ... Did you cook all the food by yourself?
Dewi   :  Oh no, my sister helped me prepare all the food. I'm happy you enjoyed it.
Which of the following expressions is not suitable to complete the dialogue.
A.   I'm really contented
B.   I feel quite annoyed
C.   I'll never forget it
D.   It has made me satisfied
E.   It's such good food I've ever had

Tono   :  What is your opinion about our new English teacher?
Budi    :  ...
A.   To me, she is really good B.   On the contrary, I like her C.   I quite agree with you
D.   I’m happy to hear that
E.   It's such good food I've ever had

Andri         :  Mum,  I  plan  to  visit  uncle  and  aunt  in
Surabaya  next  holiday.  I  want  to  go  by motor  cycle.  I  could  take  turns  driving with Cipto
Mrs. Budi : No. You're not allowed to do that. I'd rather
you went by train.
The underlined utterance expresses ... A.   giving advice
B.   giving a suggestion
C.   refusing permission
D.   asking for information
E.   asking someone to do something


1.     Soal nomor 46 sampai dengan nomor 50 adalah soal Bentuk Uraian.
2.     Jawablah dengan singkat dan jelas sesuai dengan perintahnya!

My friends are not satisfied. I'm not satisfied.
Based  on  the  two  sentences  above,  write  two  new sentences using "either" and "neither".
1.  ......................................................
2.  ......................................................
Write two sentence using "wish" and "if only" based on the below.
There will be a party this evening. Rita has got a lot of homework, so she cannot come to the party.
A.  ......................................................
B.  ......................................................

In a bus you notice a young lady who. is getting off has left her purse on the seat.
Write, two different utterances that express "attracting
attention" based on the situation above. A.  ......................................................
B.  ......................................................

Complete (he dialogue with two utterances using two
different expressions advising Luthfi what to do. Mother   :  You look pale arid tired, are you sick? Luthfi              :  I'm not feeling well.
It's painful in my back.
Mother  :  A.  ...........................................
B.  ............................................

Complete   th dialogue   by   usin tw differences utterances that express "refusing an offer".
Arman: Tom, shall I give you a lift when we go home?
Tomy  :  1.  .......................................
2.  .......................................
I'll stop in Toko Jaya to buy a new batik shirt.