bank soal : comparison

1. I am 60 kgs, my brother is 75 kgs. I am ..... my brother.
A. thin than
B. thiner than
C. is thin than
D. thin

2. She the ...... student in the class, so everybody ask her about english home work.
A. smarter
B. smartest
C. smart
D. more smart

3. Andi is ...... student in the class that everybody in basket ball team is happy in the same group with him, because it is easy for him to make point.
A. the fastest and the taller
B. the fastest and the tallest
C. fastest and tallest
D. faster and taller

4. Her shoes is ....... mine. She bought it 350.000 rupiah and I bought mine 250.000 rupiah.
A. more expensive
B. more expensive than
C. more cheap
D. expensiver than

5. The price of Jaguar is 1.5 billion rupiah. The price of Mercedes is 1,3 billion. The price of Volvo is 950 million. Volvo is..... among the luxurious cars.
A. the cheaper
B. the cheapest
C. the cheap
D. the most cheapest