Bank Soal : Comparison

Please fill in the blanks :

1. Susan is 17 years old. Wati is 20 years old. Shinta is 17 years old.
We can say that, Susan is ............... Shinta.
A. older than
B. as same age as
C. same with
D. same

2. The ticket to go to Solo by Garuda is Rp. 425.000,00 per flight. Lion is Rp. 400.000,00 per flight, and Sriwijaya is Rp. 375.000,00.
We can say that the ticket of Garuda is ................... of all air service.
A. expensivest
B. the more expensive
C. the most expensive
D. the expensive

3. Please see the following conversation.
Buyer : How much is the price of Medan Orange?
Seller : It is Rp. 28.000/kg
Buyer : What about the price of Pontianak Orange?
Seller : It is Rp. 27.000/kg
Buyer : And the price of imported orange?
Seller : Oh it is Rp. 30.000/kg

We can say that the price of Medan orange is ............... imported orange.
A.same as
B. cheaper than
C. more expensive than
D. cheapest

4. The teacher explained to the students that :
- The distance of Jakarta - Solo is about 600 kms.
- The distance of Jakarta - Semarang is 500 kms
- The distance of Jakarta - Bogor is 70 kms.

We can say that :
A. Jakarta - Solo is the closest distance.
B. Jakarta - Bogor is the longest distance.
C. Jakarta - Bogor is the closest distance.
D. Jakarta - Semarang is same as Jakarta - Solo.

5. Finally we come to ................ question of this matter.
A. the same difficult with
B. the most difficult
C. the difficulty
D. the great difficult