Bank Soal : Reading SMP

Focusing on progress. Adapting to grow with changing world. Cultivating long-lasting relationship. These are just a few of things that say ''Daihatsu''. At Daihatsu, our dedication doesn't stop with building cars. We strive to become an active part of the community, employing our extensive experience and distinct expertise to help us adapt and be succesful in any market. Recently we have been honored by the decision to employ advance Daihatsu technology in cooperative ventures with several countries. Through such projects, Daihatsu is contributing to local economies as we enjoy the success of joint efforts. So look for Daihatsu. We're a company on the move, and we're bringing a long more than just a car.
Daihatsu does it.
1. What kind of reading is the passage above?
A. Description
B. Persuasive
C. Advertisement
D. Narative
2. our dedication doesn't stop with building cars.
The underlined word is similar with
A. developing
B. bringing
C. selling
D. working
3. What is Daihatsu?
A. it is a brand of two wheels vehicle
B. it is a brand of four wheels vehicle
C. it is a machine
D. it is a factory