bank soal : vocabularies

1. My father ....... advised me to take English lesson.
A. strength
B. strong
C. strengthening
D. strongly
E. strengthened

2. The manager think Tetra is a very ...... secretary because she always does her work well.
A. reliable
B. reliance
C. reliability
D. reliably
E. rely

3. People are wondering about his ...... behaviour.
A. strange
B. strangely
C. stranger
D. estrange
E. estrangement

4. I asked the woman how I could get to the station. She gave me clear .....
A. directly
B. directing
C. direct
D. directed
E. directions

The five year development plans are meant to bring ..... to the Indonesian people.
A. prepare
B. prosper
C. prosperity
D. prospering
E. prosperously