bank soal : vocabulary

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1. My uncle is a ....... businessman.
A. success
B. successfully
C. successful
D. succeeded
E. succeed

2. An actor has to use his ........ to play his role well.
A. image
B. imagine
C. imaginary
D. imaginative
E. imagination

3. My neighbour is a well ........ and a very successful businessman.
A. educated
B. education
C. educating
D. educate
E. educative

4. He is a ........ of stamps.
A. collection
B. collector
C. collectioner
D. collectionist
E. collectiver

5. Dedy and Didi are from the same town, but they are not ........ to each other.
A. related
B. relative
C. relation
D. relationship
E. relate