bank soal : vocabulary

1. She is a radio reporter. She always ..... the music programme every morning.
A. broadcast
B. listens to
C. reads
D. speaks

2. She made her maiden voyage from Great Britain tn New York in June 1936. "Maiden" word has the meaning as :
A. first
B. second
3. third
4. fourth

Jon : What is Tetra's hair like?
Susi : ..... hair is curly.
A. her
B. his
C. our
D. she's

4. Andi works in rice field. His field is rich. What is Andi professin?
A. He is a butcher.
B. He is a farmer.
C. He is a carpenter.
D. He is a barber.

5. Ari will ...... the television, because he wants to watch afternon news.
A. turn on
B. turn off
C. turn into
D. turn

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