bank soal : vocabulary

Gaining Good English,
1. I lived in Solo during my ........
A. childless
B. childishness
C. childhood
D. childlike
E. childhoodness

2. Careless dumping of ........ waste into the Citarum river has caused seriuos water polution.
A. industry
B. industrialist
C. industrial
D. industrialized
E. industrialize

3. This area is not suitable for farming because the soil is not ........
A. fertility
B. fertilize
C. fertile
D. fertilizer
E. fertilization

4. Special vacation rates for airplane tickets make travel more ........ for tourists.
A. attraction
B. attract
C. attractively
D. attractive
E. attracted

5. The hall has been ........ decorated for the opening ceremony.
A. beautiful
B. beauty
C. beautiful
D. beautify
E. beautified