Analitycal Exposition

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      Convince the readers to agree with the writer’s opinion.
      Newspaper editorial, debates, speech.
      1. thesis                 : topic
      2. argument          : support the thesis
      3. Reiteration        : restates the opinion 

Sample Reading For Pleasure

Reading English for pleasure is not the same as studying English. You do not have to remember everything, as there is no test on books you read for pleasure; therefore, it is more interesting because you can choose your own book. Besides the enjoyment you get, reading for pleasure contributes a lot in learning English. It will help you to read faster, find examples of good writing, learn new words, learn how speakers of English use the language and learn about the cultures of different people in the world.

The first step to read English for pleasure is to find a good book-one that is interesting and that is not too difficult to read. You can go to the library and ask the librarian for books that may interest you. Also, you can browse around in a bookstore and ask the clerk to help you find a good book. Surely, you can borrow books from friends but make sure you return them.

If you plan to check out books from a library, following are some tips to help you select books and find them more easily. Firstly, read the front and back covers of the book. If you happen to be a beginner, it is better to begin with short book. Then if you like a book, read one or two pages. Find out if you can understand it. Finally, which is the most important thing, the books should be interesting to you.

The next step is to read your book every day. Also try to read your book very quickly, which is another way to learn more English. Moreover, if you like your book, tell a friend about it.

In the beginning, you may find it difficult to read in English, but do not give up. Keep on reading , and after some time you will realize that it is not difficult after all. Then you will enjoy reading English. You will be reading English for pleasure.
1. What is the type of this text?
A. Explanation
B. Exposition
C. Description
D. Procedure
E. Report
2. What should you do if you happen to be a beginner?
A. Read the book that is affordable to you.
B. Read one or two pages.
C. Find difficult words.
D. Read an interesting book
E. Read a short book

Kursus Bahasa Inggris "my english"
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