Hortatory Exposition

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• Persuades the readers to agree with writer’s opinion by showing information.
• Newspaper editorials, political speech, adv.
• 1. Thesis : theme
• 2. Arguments : support the thesis
• 3. Recommendation : strengthen the opinion and direct the readers to agree with the writer.


If you want to advance in your career, you will have to make some careful decision about which jobs to take. Evaluate a job offer for the value it has to your career. It may mean sacrifice at first. You may have to move to a different region or a different country to get a job that is right for you. You may have to work late hours, at last temporarily. You might even have to take lower salary for job that offers you the experience that you need. But you should never accept a job if it is not related to your career goals.

Accepting a job that is not within your career path will not give yoy the training or experience you need or want. You will find yourself frustrated in such position and consequently will not perform your best. This will have an effect on the people around you who will not feel as id you are being a part of the team. The best advice is to think carefully before accepting any position and make sure the job is the one you want to have.

1. What is the most significant factor in evaluating a job?
a. location
b. salary
c. value to your career
d. how much you like it.
e. prestige

2. Which is not mentioned as a sacrifice for valuable job?
a. moving to other region
b. no benefits
c. bad working hours
d. moving to other country
e. low salary

3. What is wrong with taking a job outside youe career path?
a. you will earn less
b. You won’t perform well
c. People will give you advice
d. You will be part of a team
e. People will complain to you.

4. What is the writer’s best advice?
a. Take the first job offered.
b. Consider changing career
c. Don’t work with other people.
d. Think before accepting a job.
e. Find a job with the highest salary.

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