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      Instruction to follow
      Instruction, manual, recipes
      1. Goals        : the objectives
      2. Materials : lists of materials/ items
      3. Steps         : series of steps in logical order

Contoh bacaan Procedure.

Please follow these procedures in order to make an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) withdrawal from your saving accounts :
1. Insert your card facing up into the card slot of the ATM..
2. Enter your six-digit identification number of the numbered buttons.
3. Press the withdrawal for checking or the button for savings.
4. Enter the amount of withdrawal on the numbered buttons, and wait for your receipt to be printed.
5. Remove your card from the slot. The drawer will open with a receipt and your cash withdrawal in fifty-thousand rupiah packets.

All customers are limited to two withdrawal in a twenty four hour period. If you attempt to withdraw more than limited number of time, your card will be retained in the machine, and you will have to reclaim it in person at your main branch bank.

1. What is the passage about?
A. How to get an ATM card.
B. How to make loan at bank.
C. How to withdraw money from ATM
D. How to open a bank account.
E. How to make deposit and withdrawal at bank.

2. All of the following steps must be performed in order to withdraw money from
A. the identification number must be entered.
B. your card must be inserted to the machine
C. the amount of withdrawal must be entered.
D. your card should be removed from the slot.
E. the card must be reclaimed to in person from a bank teller.

3. Paragraph 2 talks about …………
A. the location of the machine
B. the form of the card
C. the place of a branch bank
D. the limited of time of withdrawal
E. the requirements of opening a saving s account.

4. What is the communicative purpose of the text?
A. to tell an amusing story
B. to tell the steps of using ATM
C. to compare the use of an ATM card
D. to inform the nearest bank’s branch.
E. to analyse the use of an ATM.

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