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      Telling events in chronological sequence.
      Reconstruct past experiences by retelling events.
      Reports, newspaper, articles, letters, historical story, diary.
      1. Orientation      : introducing
      2. Events               : chronological order
      3. Evaluation        : give comments
      4. Re-orientation : conclusion of  experience

The Clever Servant
      This is an old story.  It was first told long ago. A rich man wanted to make a journey to another town. He was a businessman. He wanted to take gold to buy things with. He decided to take ten servant s with him. They would carry the things to sell and the gold, and also food to eat on the journey.
      He was a kind man. He said to one of his servants, “You are the smallest, the thinnest, and the weakest of all my servants. You cannot carry a heavy load. You must choose the lightest load to carry.”
      The servant thanked to his master for his kindness. He pointed to the biggest load. This was bread to eat on the journey.
      His master said, ”You are fool”. That is the biggest and heaviest load.” But the servant picked up the load cheerfully and the journey began. They walked for four hours. Then they stopped for a rest. They all ate some of the bread. There was less bread for the servant to carry. The servant’s load grew smaller and lighter every day. At the end of the journey, the servant had nothing to carry.

1. What is the type of the test?
A. report
B. recount
C. narration
D. description
E. spoof

2. How many servants did the rich man take with him?
A. one
B. three
C. ten
D. eleven
E. twelve

3.  “They would carry the things to sell ……………” (Paragraph 1)
The word they refers to ……………..
A. the gold and food
B. the loads
C. rich man
D. the rich man and the servants.
E. the servants

4. The antonym of word “ cheerfully” in paragraph 4 is ………….
A. grudgingly
B. happily
C. readily
D. gleefully
E. carelessly

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