Grammar Exercise General (4)

Past Continuous Tense

Please mark with C if it is correct and mark with I if it is incorrect.

1. I was studying math when she came here. (.....)
2. We were eating last night. (.....)
3. Were you reading when I come here yesterday? (.....)
4. My parents are visiting my grand parents yesterday. (.....)
5. The students were playing soccer yesterday when I was here. (.....)
6. Tony and Jane was listening music when Beny called them. (.....)
7. Samantha was riding her bicycle when I met her yesterday. (.....)
8. Johny and Ben weren't sleeping when I meet them now. (.....)
9. I was watching TV when my father called me. (.....)
10. Sony were singing when I met him. (.....)
11. Shinta were meeting Sheila when you were at home. (.....)
12. Was he standing here yesterday? (.....)
13. Were you calling Dona when I came yesterday? (.....)
14. What was she doing when I came? (.....)
15. Were they studying when you come? (.....)

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