Grammar Exercise General (5)

Present Future Tense

Please mark with C if it is Correct or I if it is Incorrect.

1. Hose and Sebyuk will get married next month. (.....)

2. Ben will write the letter last night. (.....)

3. Samuel will sent the package tomorrow morning. (.....)

4. Mirna will buy some breads. (.....)

5. John and Ben will get angry with me if I don't finish it. (.....)

6. Will you come to my party tomorrow night? (.....)

7. She will not buy that shirts if she didn't have money. (.....)

8. Sun Yi and Ho Se will call me tomorrow. (.....)

9. Nuri and Yuu Sa don't sang this song tomorrow. (.....)

10. Marie and Tanri will have a big meeting tomorrow. (.....)

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