Grammar Exercise General (6)

Past Future Tense.

Please mark with C if it is Correct, I if it is Incorrect.

1. She would go to Shanghai when she called you. (.....)

2. Blair would met her if he knows that you are not there. (.....)

3. John and Jane would come to your party when I went to the book store. (.....)

4. Would Tasya bring that book yesterday? (.....)

5. I would deliver the book to you when the rail fall. (.....)

6. Jeanny and Susan wouldn't meet me yesterday. (.....)

7. Would they study math tomorrow? (.....)

8. Would the judge punished him heavily when he knew that he was not the criminal? (.....)

9. My father wouldn't buy that bicycle for me yesterday. (.....)

10. The director wouldn't issue new rule yesterday. (.....)

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