Grammar Exercise General (8)

Past Perfect Tense

Please mark C if is correct or mark I if it is incorrect for the following statements.

1. I had put my paper work on your table when you were out of office yesterday. (.....)

2. John had meet Juliet yesterday. (.....)

3. Ben and Tony hadn't arrived in my house when you called me last night. (.....)

4. Malaysia had admitted that Indonesia is the owner of the island when the UN issued the press release about the status of the island. (.....)

5. The students had realized their mistakes when the head master wanted to give them punishment. (.....)

6. Had the students received their test result when you went to Semarang? (.....)

7. She had got her test report when You met her teacher. (.....)

8. I had watched that movie when I was in Hong Kong. (.....)

9. Had he brought that assignment to you when you were in his office this morning? (.....)

10. Linda and Dian had arrived in Dian's house when we called Dian last night. (.....)

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