Using preposition in time phrases

1- main parts of the day

- in the morning/afternoon/evening (in the morning we went for a walk along the Seine.)
Bandingkan dengan 'at night' :"I don't like driving at night."

2- months, years, seasons, centuries.

Examples :
- She'll be coming back home in March.
- In 1989 he decided to join the Army.
- They're getting married in the autum.
- In the twentieth century there have been two World Wars.

3- at the end of a stated period

- I'll be back in a couple of minutes.
- In two weeks' time she's going on leave.

- specific days/dates/mornings/afternoons, etc

- on Tuesday
- on 3rd April
- on Monday night
- on New Years' Day
- on the day of my arrival

1- clock times

- The shops open at 9 o'clock.
- Her flight is due in at 6.35

2- main points of time in the day
- at midnight/noon/dawn/lunchtime
- at the weekend :"What is she doing at the weekend."
- at weekends :"We never do office works at weekends."
BUT American :"on the weekends."

3- the holiday period around Ramadhan, Christmas, Easter, Galungan etc :"At Ramadhan the roads tend to be very quiet." "We like to stay at home at Christmas."
- on Lebaran day
- on Christmas day