Reading 16

Animal Congregation

Many types of animals combine the advantage of family association with those conferred by membership in still larger groups. Bees congregate in hives; some fish move in schools; ants gather in mounds; wolves lives in packs; deer associate in herds. The main advantage of membership in a mass community is the safety that it provides. A large group of prey may be easier for a predator to find at any given point than in a small one, and a predator may think
twice before taking on such a group; if a predator does decide to challenge a large group, it may merely encounter a confusing mass of moving bodies and possibly may not succeed in its primary goal.

1.     The word ‘those’ in the passage refers to………
A.    Types
B.    Animals
C.    Advantage
D.    Family
E.    Groups

ThThe word ‘it’ in line 4 refers to……..
A.    Advantage
B.    Membership
C.    Community
D.    Safety
E.    Group

3.     The word ‘one’ in the passage refers to……..
A.    Group
B.    Prey
C.    Predator
D.    Point
E.    Membership

4.     The word ‘it’ in line 6 refers to………..
A.    Predator
B.    Group
C.    Mass
D.    Goal
E.    body

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