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American Cruise Lines says about 15% of cabins on its new Mississippi River paddle wheeler will be set aside for solo travelers -- a growing market for the company.
Of 78 cabins planned for the soon-to-debut Queen of the Mississippi, a dozen are being designed for singles, spokeswoman Britt Rabinovici tells USA TODAY. At 211 square feet, the solo cabins will be more than twice as large as those on some ocean-going ships such as the year-old Norwegian Epic, which has 100-square-foot singles cabins.
"We really see more and more people who feel comfortable coming aboard alone," Rabinovici says. "We want to accommodate them in the best way possible."

Currently under construction at a shipyard in Salisbury, Md., the much-awaited Queen of the Mississippi is the first new paddle wheeler designed for overnight travel on America's rivers to be built in 20 years. It's scheduled to debut Aug. 11 and will operate on the Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland rivers.
The Queen of the Mississippi will become the sixth vessel in American Cruise Lines' fleet. The small-ship specialist is known for its voyages along the inland waterways and rivers of the East Coast and Pacific Northwest and will launch its first Alaska cruises later this year.
The Mississippi River is making a comeback of sorts this year as a cruise destination. Also launching overnight paddle wheeler trips on the river, in April, is the new Great American Steamboat Company. The Memphis-based outfit is reviving the 436-passenger American Queen, a 16-year-old vessel that has been out of service since the collapse of the Majestic America Line in 2008.
The American Queen has eight single cabins, a spokesman says.
Rabinovici says the Queen of the Mississippi will have room for 150 passengers, a slightly higher number than the line has said in the past. The vessel also will have more rooms and suites with sliding glass doors to access private balconies on its third and fourth decks than had previously been announced.
In all, 85% of the Queen of the Mississippi's passenger rooms will have private balconies. Every cabin will have satellite TV and DVD players; wireless Internet access; and gourmet coffee brewers, the line adds.
The company says the ship will have the highest square-foot-per-passenger ratio in the industry.

Please answer the following questions :

1. What is the text about?
A. It is about Missisipi River paddle.
B. It is about Memphis paddle.
C. It is about the making of the river
D. It is about the passengers of the paddle.

2. "We want to accommodate them in the best way possible.".
What the similar word for "accommodate".
A. sell
B. provide
C. send
D. take

3. Who is Britt Rabinovici?
A. She is a spokesman of American Cruise Line.
B. She is a spokeswomen of American Cruise Line.
C. She is a reporter.
D. She is American Queen 

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