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Last year, three friends of mine, Don, Bob and Greg, decided to spend a holiday in the mountains. They planned to stay at our friend’s cabin, Ricky, which stood on the crest of a hill. Ricky did not go with them but Charley would help them during their stay in the cabin.
            They set off along the winding road that led to the mountains. They had a map with them and according to this, the village they were going to stay in was only about fifteen miles away.
            It got dark not long after this, and it began to rain too, which of course made it more difficult to see the road clearly. After they had driven for about fifteen miles, there was still no sign of the village. Obviously, the map they had was not a very good one.

            They went on for another five miles and then the car suddenly stopped. At first, my friend thought that they had run out of petrol but, on examination, they found that this
was not the trouble. Something else was wrong with the car. Since they could not start the car again, they decided to spend the night in the car, though they had very little food with them and there was not much room for three people.
            Early in the morning, a car came along the road. They stopped the driver and asked him where the village was. He told them that it was on the crest of the side of the hill. They tied their car to his and he pulled them to the top of the hill. From the top of the hill they saw the cabin. Of course, if they had walked up the hill the night before, they would not have had to spend an uncomfortable night in the car.

1. Who owned the cabin?
A.    Don.
B.     Bob.
C.     Greg.
D.    Ricky.
E.     Charley.

2. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
  1. The car would not run.
  2. They had run out of petrol.
  3. They drove for another five miles. 
  4. The car was too small to sleep in.
  5. They had to spend the night in the car.

3. They had to spend an uncomfortable night because ….
  1. there was no light
  2. they had no food to eat
  3. it was so dark and quiet
  4. they had run out of petrol
  5. there was  not much space in the car

4.”They set off by car early….” (Paragraph.1)
      The underlined word means ….
  1. began
  2. moved
  3. initiated
  4. departed
  5. commenced

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