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The education system where I have been a student for the last 16 years is a system that places high value on individual achievement and little value on group achievement.  Having been a rather successful student in this educational system for the better part of my life, I am well aware of the advantages of working individually on projects. However, I can only imagine the advantages of working on projects in groups. 

           The first point I would like to make is that there are strong advantages to working in groups. One benefit of this method of getting things done is that the members of the group can learn from each other. Something else that is good is that the work can be divided among the members of the group. If, for example, four people have to work in a group to get a 20 –page paper done for history class, the paper can get done quickly. The reason for this is that different members of the group know different things and each group member has to write 5 pages.
            Though there are strong advantages to working in groups, there are some even more compelling advantages for me to work by myself. I have had a lot of success working alone, and this is because I enjoy working by myself, working when I want, and getting things done the way that I want. Thus, if I had to write 20 page history paper, I would rather do it myself, even though I would have to write all 20 pages, because I could do it the way that I want.

1 . The text tells about ….
      A. group project in history
      B. reasons for working in groups
      C. the opportunity to learn from others
      D. the benefits of working by yourself
      E. the advantages and disadvantages of working in groups

2. Which of the following is NOT told in paragraph 2 about the advantages working in a group?
     A. The work is divided among the members of the group.
     B. Members of the group can learn from each other.
     C. Each member knows different things.
     D. Each member has to write 20 pages. 
     E. The work can be done quickly.
3. Which of the following is NOT the reason why the writer prefers working by  himself?
      A. He got a lot of success.
      B. He worked when he wanted.
      C. He enjoyed working by himself.
      D. He learned much from his friends.
      E. He got things done the way he wanted.

4. Which of the following makes the advantages of working in groups impossible?
  1. The individuals.
  2. The kind of work.
  3. Differences in concept.
  4. Transparency among members.
  5. Readiness of members to cooperate.

5. ‘Having been a rather .., I am well aware ….’ (Paragraph 1)
      The underlined word is rather similar in meaning with ….
  1. awake
  2. familiar
  3. conscious
  4. acquainted
  5. accustomed

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