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Yet Another Western!
Twenty-four of the thirty - two new films shown in the Colony this year have been western. The film now showing at the Paramount, ‘Kill for A Dollar’, is the twenty-fifth western to show. It is not very much different, no better and only a little inferior to the other twenty-four.
            The story is the usual one. A bad man comes to a small town. He shoots the sheriff and a number of
other innocent people and rides away. At first no one in the town is brave enough to ride after him, but at last the editor of the local newspaper puts on his gun, borrows a horse and ride after him into the desert.
            In the numerous scenes that follow there are a number of gun battles, during which forty-eight men are shoot, fifteen horses fall down and the main street of the town is burnt to the ground.
            The part of the bad man, who wears black clothes is played by Pistol Smith. Mark Limp, as the brave editor, wears brown clothes and white hat. The clothes act rather better than the people wearing them.
Perhaps one day the local audiences will grow weary if seeing the same film every week. Perhaps they will refuse to pay money o see badly acted, badly directed, and badly written films of people killing one another for no good reason. Unfortunately, there is no sign that this time has come. Next week, at the Odeon, the twenty-sixth western will be shown. It is called ‘A Dollar to Kill’.

1. The text tells us that….
A. ‘Kill for A Dollar’ is very badly acted film.
B. twenty four films shown in the Colony are Western
C. twenty four films have been shown in the Colony this year
D. ‘Kill for A Dollar’ is not much better than the other western
E. local audiences grow weary of seeing the same film every week

2. Which of the following scenes is not described in the third paragraph?
A. Shootings.
B. Burning the town.
C. Killing innocent people.
D. Shooting forty eight men.
E. Falling down fifteen horses.
3. Which statement is true according to the text…
A. The brave editor is dressed in black
B. The brave editor is played by Mark Limp
C. Fifteen horses are killed during the gun battles
D. ‘Kill for A Dollar’ is being shown at the Paramount
E. ‘A Dollar to Kill’ is twenty fifth western to be shown in the Colony

4. “Perhaps one day local audiences will grow weary of seeing….” (Paragraph 4)
       The underlined word means….
A.    fed up
B.     attentive
C.     occupied
D.    enthusiast
E.     challenged

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