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Crossing activity in Muara Angket Port is stopped because of high wave, Penjaringan, Jakarta, Thursday (26/1/2012)

The activities have been stopping since Wednesday (25/1/2012). The situation looks empty and only some boat's crews are sitting around in the port. The ticket selling of the crossing is opened but nobody serves the selling.

Meanwhile, some passenger who have been coming since in the morning finally decided to go home. They waited for a few hours but due to the officers couldn't decide when it will be opened, finally they decided to go home.

There should be  two schedules of the crossing to Seribu islands , at 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock. However all the schedules were cancelled for unlimited time.

Muara Angke Port was officially operated on January 5, 2012. The port replaces the activity of Marina Ancol Port who used to  be used for regular boats in crossing people to Seribu islands..

1. What happened to Muara Angke Port?
A. It was repleced by Marina Ancol.
B. The crossing activities are stopped.
C. It is used to cross the people to Seribua islands.
D, It is no problem.

2. Since when were the activities stopped?
A. Since yesterday.
B. Since Thursday, 26/1/2012
C. Since Wednesday, 25/1/2012
D. Since long time ago

3. What is the type of the text?
A. It is Persuasive.
B. It is Advertising.
C. It is News Report.
D. It is Decriptive

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