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A local councilor claims 147,000 hectares of the 166,000 hectares of mangrove forest in South Borneo were destroyed.
“Only 19000 hectares are still in good condition. The rest has razed,” the head of the South Borneo Regional Representatives Council Commission II, Mohammad Ihsanuddin, was quoted as saying Saturday by news portal tribunnews.com.
Ihsanuddin blamed the damage on human encroachment, citing the construction of a special port or embankment as one example.

He said mangrove forests were a necessary part of the local ecosystem, as they served to protect the area from seawater abrasion and provide breeding areas for fish.
Ihsanuddin claimed mangrove plants also helped prevent the spread of avian influenza. He claimed that at the height of the avian influenza outbreak, the North Sumatra administration added mangrove leaves into livestock feed and no farm fowl contracted the disease.
He called on the local administration to not easily issue licenses to businesses exploiting mangrove areas.
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Sat, 05/28/2011

1. Which of the following is true according to the text?
A. Only 19000 hectares are still in bad condition.
B. Only 19000 hectares aren’t still in good condition.
C. Mangrove forest were necessary part of the local ecosystem.
D. mangroves plants help the spreading of the avian influenza.
E. Mangrove forest weren’t necessary part of the local ecosystem

2. Who claimed that mangroves plants were necessary part of the local ecosystem?
A. South Borneo
B. Ihsanuddin
C. local administration.
D. North Sumatra
E. Jakarta Post

3. The word necessary in paragraph 4 has the closest meaning to ……….
A. important
B. bad
C. dangerous
D. nice

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