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Among pets, I like dogs the best because they are tamed animals and they can be trained as a man’s friend. I have a wonderful dog. I named him Volvo. You know, Volvo is a male dog. He is a Pomeranian dog and is about …uhm…two years old. That’s right two years old.
      My dog is great. He has greyish-white fur, small ear, cone-shaped mouth. His paws are strong.
      Well, my dear Volvo is a clever dog. He always barks loudly and noisily when there is a stranger coming to my house. He can also do many things such as sitting down quietly, bringing the newspaper to me, standing on his two hind feet, and shaking my hand.
     I always take him to a grooming salon twice a month to have him bathed and to trim his fur neatly. Volvo eats dog’s food, fresh meal and drinks fresh milk. I don’t let him eat bones because they are not good for him.
1.What does Volvo’s fur look like?
A.  Grey
B.  White
C.  Small
D.  Cone-shaped
E.  Greyish-white

2. I always take him to a grooming salon twice a month to have him bathed.
The underlined phrase means…
A.  Volvo never takes a bath
B.  Volvo is bathing himself
C.  The writer takes a bath twice a month
D.  A person in a grooming salon have a bath with Volvo
E.  The writer asks someone in grooming salon to bathe Volvo

3. Volvo can do the followings, except
A.  Standing on his two hind feet
B.  Bringing the newspaper
C.  Sitting down quietly
D.  Grooming its fur
E.  Shaking hand

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