Reading 6

To        : Don
From    : Rita

Sorry I cannot wait for you any longer. I am away either for lunch or in a meeting now.
I put the file you need in the filing cabinet. It is in a red document file. If you cannot find ask the file clerk for help.
The office supplies you ordered are in the cupboard. Please, leave two boxes of paperclips and a punch and some portfolio for me.
Don’t forget the meeting is in the conference room and starts at 10 am tomorrow.

1. The message is about…
  1. Rita’s apology.
  2. ordering office supplies.
  3. asking for the file clerk’s help.
  4. a meeting in the conference room.
  5. a file and office supplies Don needs.

2. “It is in a red document file.“
     The word it refers to ….
  1. file
  2. punch
  3. portfolio
  4. document file
  5. filing cabinet

3. “The office supplies you ordered are in the cupboard.”
     The underlined word is rather similar in meaning to….
  1. arranged
  2. organized
  3. asked for
  4. classified
  5. instructed

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