Reading 8

A small computer software company seeking to expand into the Asian Market seeks an experienced sales representative. We are looking for an energetic self-starter with a minimum of three years experience in sales, preferably with computer-related products. Must be fluent in English and have good Japanese language skills. Must be familiar with most common office software packages. Job involves travel 1 to 2 weeks per month.
We offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits, including 4 weeks paid vacation, health and life insurance, and computer training as needed. To apply, call Mr. Rogers at 555-6983 between 1and 4. Or fax  resume and references to 555-6988. Closing date: March 31.

1. The text is about ….
A.    job descriptions
B.     a small computer company
C.     requirements asked by the company
D.    a vacant position for sales representative
E.     salary and other benefits offered by the company

2. Which of the following requirements is NOT mentioned in the text?
      A. Fluency in English.
      B. Three years experience.
      C. Ability to work independently.
      D. Familiar with common office software.
      E. Ability to train how to operate a computer.

3. ”Must be familiar with most common ….”
      The underlined words are rather similar in meaning to ….
  1. skillful
  2. expert in
  3. trained in
  4. competent at
  5. informed about

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