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Grab a sandwich, lose $1.9 million Stradivarius

LONDON: A musician who went into a central London sandwich store to buy something to eat has had a 300-year-old-Stradivarius violin worth ₤1.2 million (US$1.9 million ) stolen, police said.
            British Transport Police have launched a public appeal to get the rare instrument back and the musician insurer, Lark Insurance Broking Group, has offered a ₤ 15.000 reward for information leading to recovery.
            Detective Inspector Andy Rose said the theft took place on the evening of Monday, Nov. 29, outside Euston train station.
            After going to a Prêt A Manger café, the violinist noticed her violin case had been taken and called the police.
            Inside the case was a 1696 Antonio Stradivarius antique violin as well as Peccatte bow, valued at ₤62.000, and another bow made by the School of Bazin valued at more than ₤5000.
“These items hold enormous sentimental and professional value for the victim,“ Rose said in a statement.
            “But although they are extremely valuable, it would be very difficult to sell them on as they are so rare and distinctive that they will be easily recognized as stolen property.”- Reuters

1. The topic of the text is about ….
  1. A Prêt A Manger café
  2. Losing $1.9 million Stradivarius
  3. A 300-year-old-Stradivarius violin
  4. Antonio Stradivarius antique violin
  5. ₤ 15.000 reward offered by Lark Insurance

2. The Stradivarius antique violin was worth ….
  1. ₤5.000
  2. ₤15.000
  3. ₤62.000
  4. ₤1,2 million
  5. ₤1,9 million

3. Which of the following did not make the stolen violin difficult to sell?
      A.  It is old.
  1. It is rare.
  2. It is antique.
  3. It is expensive.
  4. It is distinctive.

4. The British Transport Police have launched a public appeal to get the rare …..”
      The underlined word is closest in meaning to …
  1. begun
  2. found
  3. floated
  4. initiated
  5. send off

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