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Supreme Court Rejects Dicky's Appeal
Jakarta: Conviction The Supreme Court has upheld the 2006 graft of Dicky Iskandar Dinata, the former president director of PT. Brocolin International Dick was found guilty by the South Jakarta Distric Court of misusing 1.9 trillion rupiahs in funds from Bank BNI, which he claimed was a "grant from an Israel investor". The court sentenced him to 20 years in prison.
"We have rejected Dicky's appeal. Therefore, he must serve his 20-years prison and pay a fine of 500 million rupiahs (US $ 55,000), "presiding justice Artidjo Alkostar was quoted by detik.com news portal as saying Thursday-JP.

1. The text tells us about ...
A. Dicky's guilty as a grafter.
B. Dicky's supreme court.
C. Dicky's rejection.
D. Dicky's appeal.
E. Dicky's fine.

2. Why was Dicky jailed for 20 years?
A. He acted guilty.
B. He was innocent.
C. He accused as a grafter.
D. He was an Israel inventor.
E. He was proved as a grafter.

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2. E

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