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After graduating in tourism from the University of Texas, Pat Crown was unemployed for almost a year. During that period, she visited many countries around the world and took notes of special attractions, traditions, cultures, and environments of those countries.

When an advertisement was published by a leading local newspaper looking for a journalist, she applied for the post and was employed by the company. With her traveling experience, she was assigned to the Tour and Travel Department.

Needless to say, her new job required that she travel extensively from one country to another. Her degree in Tourism and her recent trips to various countries helped her get along.

Well with the job. She has written many remarkable articles and short stories about tour and travel ever since she started working there.
Within two years, Pat was promoted from journalist to deputy editor. At this new post, she no longer traveled as much as another journalist too over her position. Pat focused more on planning as well as consolidating activities and writing at the request of the heads of state.

Under her leadership, the Tour and Travel Department has expanded tremendously, from a one-room office to half a floor, and from three staff to thirty.

1. . The story tells us about ....
A. the traveling experience
B. the news paper writer
C. the work experience
D. the article writer
E. the journalist

2.Why was Pat promoted to be a deputy editor?
A. She had a good talent at writing.
B. She expanded experiences.
C. She traveled extensively.
D. She was fond of tourism.
E. She was as a journalist.

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Answer Keys :

1. D
2. A

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