1. "You didn't like the horror movie you saw last night, did you?"
"You're right, I really wish ........

A. I did not see it
B. I would to see it
C. I have not seen it
D. I had not see it
E. I would not have seen it

2. More government policies related to people's welfare, ........ to helg people who have suffered because of the drastic oil price hike.

A. are to be implemented
B. implement
C. are to implement
D. to be implemented
E. are implementing

3. I get bored with all the things I do in my office after 8 years of working as secretary of the Director.

A. Should you live your job.
B. What do you want?
C. Why are you bored?
D. What would you like to do for a change?
E. Which job do you like best?

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1. D
2. A
3. D