1. "Did Tita decide to buy the computer?"
"Yes, after she ........ many informations from her friends."

A. has collected
B. was collecting
C. had collected
D. collects
E. is collecting

2. "The radio says that most of the streets in Jakarta are flooded at the moment."
"I'm not surprised; we ........ so much rain for a week now."

A. had
B. have had
C. have
D. are having
E. had had

3. While living in Solo, we always went to school by bicycle.
This mean that we ........ by bicycle while we were living in Solo.

A. go to school
B. are going to school
C. used to go to school
D. are used to going to school
E. liked going to school

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1. C
2. B
3. C