Please fill in the blanks:

Today no one would deny that the genius of Albert Einstein. ......(1) that was not always the case. In his youth, Einstein's parents and teachers.......(2)him both undiscipline and dull. As a child, he was slow to talk, and his parents were........(3) he might be retarted. As an adolescent, he had difficulty adjusting to the strict discipline of the German high school, and his teachers were not pleased with his.........(4) not surprisingly, he found college little better than high school, and again he........(5) the appropriate academic discipline. In the end, he was able to graduate, but only with the help of a friend who kept him up to date all his courses.

1. (A) Since, (B) but, (C) so, (D) because, (E) therefore

2. (A) declared, (B) determined, (C) predicted, (D) accused, (E) considered

3. (A) hopeful, (B) amazed, (C) expectant, (D) timid, (E) worried

4. (A) success, (B) increase, (C) advantage, (D) program, (E) progress

5. (A) achieved, (B) served, (C) lacked, (D) wasted, (E) disrupted

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Answer :
1. B
2. E
3. E
4. E
5. C
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