Reading Quiz, June (2)


Born into a family of doctors in Kampung Ketapang, Kwitang Barat, Jakarta, Abdulrachman Saleh also became a doctor. After finishing MULO, he studied at STOVIA. While still a student, he was appointed assistant at the laboratory of physiology. Graduating from STOVIA, Abdulrachman Saleh continued his work at the lab while having his own medical practice.
Abdulrachman Saleh’s role in medicine was significant. He became a lecturer in Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, and Klaten. For his meritorious service in medicine, specifically in physiology, in 1958, the University of Indonesia bestowed him the title of Bapak Ilmu Faal (Father of Physiology).
Abdulrachman Saleh was a man of many interests. He was involved in youth organizations like Boy Scouts and Indonesia Muda. He was also a member of Aeroclub, and co-founded the Verenigde Oosterse Radio Omroep (VORO), an organization of broadcasters. It was he who established the Voice of Free Indonesia, the radio station which spread the proclamation of Indonesia’s independence to the world.  

1.         Abdulrachman Saleh was bestowed the title Father of Physiology because ....
A.    he was a lecturer in the Medical faculty of the University of Indonesia
B.    he was a lecturer as well as a doctor
C.   he had significant contribution in physiology
D.   he was a lecturer in many parts of Indonesia
E.    he was a professor in physiology

2.         The main idea of the first paragraph is that Abdulrachman Saleh ...
A.    had his own medical practice,
B.    studied at the medical school in STOVIA.
C.   became a doctor because of his family.
D.   was appointed assistant at the laboratory of physiology.
E.    started his career as a doctor in STOVIA.

3.         Besides medicine, Abdulrachman also had a special interest in ....
A.    laboratorium assistance
B.    student organizations
C.   aeroplane designing
D.   broadcasting
E.    politics

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Answers :
1. C
2. D
3. B