Reading Quiz, June (3)

Did you know that the immune system which protects your body from bacteria and viruses will be considerably weaker if you are under stress?
According to health scientists, when a person is under stress his body will release a hormone that will prevent his immune system from destroying bacteria and viruses.
Garvan Institute scientists in Sydney discovered that a hormone called “neuropeptide Y” (NPY), which prevents the immune system from destroying bacteria and viruses, is produced when a person is under stress. It has proven that people are more likely to get sick when they are too busy or worried.
This is how NPY works: when a person is under stress, his nerve system will relase a lot of NPY into the bloodstream; this eventually prevents the immune system from destroying bacteria and viruses. On the other hands, when the body is relaxed and calm, the immune cells will act as protection cells to search and destroy bacteria as well as viruses and thereby increase resistance.
Hopefully, one day this scientific discovery will lead to finding cures for some illness that are linked to cold, flu and even cancer and stroke.
I in the meantime, according to health scientists, the best thing to do to strengthen the immune system is to relax, stay calm, recognize one’s lifestyle and take up “Yoga” or “Tai Chi”.

1.         What is NPY?
A.    A nerve system.
B.    An immune system
C.   A virus.
D.   A bacteria.
E.    A hormone.

2.         What does NPY do?
A.    It releases bacteria to the human body.
B.    It strengthens the immune system.
C.   It destroys bacteria and viruses.
D.   It destroys the virus in human body
E.    It weakens the immune system.

3.         From the text we know that....
A.    healthy people have a lot of NPY
B.    NPY was invented by scientists
C.   NPY is the source of some illness
D.   you need to have NPY to get relaxed and cool
E.    NPY is an immune system

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Answers :
1. E
2. E
3. C